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Weddings In Argentina

After reading and learning how  to write a description of a festival or celebration, with Pilar for writing skills, we were given the task of writing one ourselves.  Here is mine;

Weddings in Argentina

       Weddings in Argentina are really special, we really celebrate them as they are an important day in each of our lives. Most of the times the wedding is held at night!

           About 10 months before the event the couple starts planning things. The church chosen is notified about the date in which the wedding will take place on. Here, in argentina, it’s really common that after the engaged couple has given the ‘yes’, there is a party held in an spacious ballroom that was previously reserved together with the chosen catering service. The invitations are sent, and about 1 week before there is a rehearsal carried out in the church.

        On the actual day, there’s a tradition that the couple can not see each other dressed with their traditional clothes, the woman with the white dress and the man with his suit, until the moment she enters the church. At night people are waiting in the church for the bride to come in and after the two of them say ‘I do’ everybody goes on their way to the party, in which the catering offers food to the guests, while they enjoy the magical music that the dj provides.

       Weddings in Argentina are very important days, so if you are invited to one, it means that you mean a lot to that person, so be happy for them, it will be one of the happiest days of their lives!

Diary Entry; Margot’s point of view

After reading the story ‘All Summer In A Day’, we were given the task of writting a diary entry as if we were Margot, describing how she felt after the bullying act. Here it is!

25th of March 2017                                                                Saturday 15:40 pm

 Still startled by the act of bullying I’ve suffered.

Dear diary,

             Today I’ve been bullied. I had been bothered before but not in such a serious way, this time they went too far. I’m really frightened and depressed by what they’ve done to me. I want to go back to the Earth right now.

             When the teacher left, my schoolmates locked my in a closet and left me there while they watched the sun coming out. I tried to be heard by the teacher with muffled cries and slammed the door to try to get out of that 4 walls that prevented me from watching the most precious thing in my life, which was driving me crazy.