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Dialogue between Patsy and Alton

After reading and analysing ‘The Escape’ by Millie Murray, Pilar told us to create a dialogue between the 2 main characters of the story, Patsy and Alton, and create some kind of comic based on that dialogue. I have worked with Sofia Luchter, hope you like it!

Just in case!

Alton: Who told yu dat yu could go to Jamaica? Did me give yu permission?
Patsy: I do nar need permission fi do anything. Me can make my own decisions, and more than anything the ones related with my mother.
Alton: How do yu dare fi talk fi me like dat? I deserve respect! How did yu dare fi abandon me and the pickney?
Patsy: Alton, me deserve respect too! and me nar abandon yu and the pickney, Me just wanted to visit my dying mother in her last days. Yu are being really unfair, me not sure if I want fi remain by your side anymore, do you?
Alton: Yu are my possession, so me will decide when fi let yu go, and dat moment is not now…
Patsy: I am a free woman, and I loved yu, but yu have changed, and I nar want yu near the pickney, so I am taking them wid me.
Alton: Yu can not do dat, yu know the law is in my side, yu are a woman and me own yu. If yu try fi take them from me, yu will never see them again.
Patsy: Yu wouldn’t do dat, yu love me, right? Or were yu unfaithful to me while me was gone? The pickney told me they heard someone climbing up the stairs and dat the following morning yu were happier than ever.
Alton: Are yu accusing me of cheating on yu Patsy?
Patsy: I nar know, yu tell me, there are two options, are the kids lying to me? Or are yu?
Alton: Patsy, I am sorry for not being the man yu deserve. I have made a mistake and I would really like to make it up to yu and the pickney. If yu still love me, would yu please forgive me?
Patsy: I am sorry, but I can not give yu an answer right now, I will need some time to tink about dis, Alton.
Alton: No, Patsy, no, I am not gonna give yu time. Or yu give me an answer now, or yu know what will happen.
Patsy: Dis is just what I meant when I said dat yu had changed. I nar want to remain with a man that is bullying me constantly, so my answer is no, I do not forgive yu Alton.