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‘A doll’s house’ – Jamboard

In our literature class, we read the story ‘A doll’s house’ by Katherine Mansfield. I have chosen the jamboard we completed last class to include in the portfolio.

The activity consisted in completing the pages our teacher, Pat, had prepared for us with short ideas or quotes related to the topics each page was about. Afterwards, we discussed and went over the jamboard all together in a meet.

Click here to see the jamboard

As you may have noticed, we discussed different topics, from social inequalities to examples of irony in the story. Similar ideas can be seen, as well as different perspectives on a single topic. I believe that that was the most interesting thing of the activity, what made the assignment effective. The fact that it created sort of a debate, it included different opinions, is what helped me learn in a better way. I could learn from the others and see some of the literary elemnts present in the story from a different point of view. Despite at first I did not know what to write, or I was a bit shy to make my opinions public, as soon as everyone started posting I realized what the point of the activity was.

Moreover, despite there were 10 topics/pages to discuss, we only had to choose 7 to complete. I believe that that made the activity more interesting, as we could have more freedom and we were not forced to talk about something we didn’t undestand or didn’t feel comfortable with.

The jamboard is one of the activities that has helped me learn the most, as it was visual and the ideas had to be expressed in short ‘sticky notes’. In addition, I was prepared to learn, I had read the story and completed the previous activities, so I found it easy to discuss it and give my opinions on it.

To sum up, I would love to repeat this type of activities, as it has helped me learn from others and understand the topics. If well prepared, the activity is really fun and dinamic!

The Moving Finger by Edith Wharton

Born in 1862 and died in 1937
She was from USA
She used to write novels and short stories
She used to criticise the social and economical differences in society and the conflicts between society and our inner selves , trying to fit in society.
Characteristics of modernism:
-New paradigms
-The unconscious
-Stream of consciousness
-The last generation
-Make it new
-Imagism and vorticism
-The city
-The Jazz age
The uncanny
The uncanny is a psychological concept which refers to something that is strangely familiar, rather than simply mysterious. For example a doll, you seen her as a toy and something without life who is familiar, but then society or a text make you see that object like it has something strange ,close to be alive or human.

The Macabre
The macabre is the quality of having a ghastly atmosphere, it emphasizes the details and symbols of death.