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Dumb Martian Activities

In groups we had to do the activities in Pilar’s blog about Dumb Martian. I worked with Sofia and Renata.

Report the following quotes from Dumb Martian.
Say who said what?

“She doesn’t say anything, and she’s stupid.”
Duncan complained of her not saying anything and being stupid.
“Martians aren’t intelligent”
Duncan said that Martians weren’t intelligent
“You’ve never lived here, have you?”
The Agent asked if he had ever lived there
“Put on your space suit.”
Duncan ordered Lellie to put on her space suit
“No, I’ve never enjoyed reading very much.”
Duncan admitted not enjoying reading very much.

1- After analysing the story find an equivalent to Lellie in our days.
2-Do you know about any unfair treatment of women that takes place in our times? Give examples.
3- Design a leaflet with a motion that defends gender equality. The leaflet should leave a positive teaching and it cannot contain any form of discrimination. It should have an attractive design.

1- An equivalent of Lellie in our days would be all women in Saudi Arabia because even though they have recently been given the right to drive, they still have many restrictions.

2- Yes, an example of unfair treatment of women that takes place in our times is the women of the Islam that do not have the complete freedom that they should have, also they aren’t respected as they deserve.




Gender equality is a human fight, not a female one. by vpernarcic

Dialogue between Patsy and Alton

After reading and analysing ‘The Escape’ by Millie Murray, Pilar told us to create a dialogue between the 2 main characters of the story, Patsy and Alton, and create some kind of comic based on that dialogue. I have worked with Sofia Luchter, hope you like it!

Just in case!

Alton: Who told yu dat yu could go to Jamaica? Did me give yu permission?
Patsy: I do nar need permission fi do anything. Me can make my own decisions, and more than anything the ones related with my mother.
Alton: How do yu dare fi talk fi me like dat? I deserve respect! How did yu dare fi abandon me and the pickney?
Patsy: Alton, me deserve respect too! and me nar abandon yu and the pickney, Me just wanted to visit my dying mother in her last days. Yu are being really unfair, me not sure if I want fi remain by your side anymore, do you?
Alton: Yu are my possession, so me will decide when fi let yu go, and dat moment is not now…
Patsy: I am a free woman, and I loved yu, but yu have changed, and I nar want yu near the pickney, so I am taking them wid me.
Alton: Yu can not do dat, yu know the law is in my side, yu are a woman and me own yu. If yu try fi take them from me, yu will never see them again.
Patsy: Yu wouldn’t do dat, yu love me, right? Or were yu unfaithful to me while me was gone? The pickney told me they heard someone climbing up the stairs and dat the following morning yu were happier than ever.
Alton: Are yu accusing me of cheating on yu Patsy?
Patsy: I nar know, yu tell me, there are two options, are the kids lying to me? Or are yu?
Alton: Patsy, I am sorry for not being the man yu deserve. I have made a mistake and I would really like to make it up to yu and the pickney. If yu still love me, would yu please forgive me?
Patsy: I am sorry, but I can not give yu an answer right now, I will need some time to tink about dis, Alton.
Alton: No, Patsy, no, I am not gonna give yu time. Or yu give me an answer now, or yu know what will happen.
Patsy: Dis is just what I meant when I said dat yu had changed. I nar want to remain with a man that is bullying me constantly, so my answer is no, I do not forgive yu Alton.

‘How I came to this world’ – Biology project

For this term we had the task of choosing between two projects, one about the stages of life and the other one was ‘ How I came to this world’, which was the one we have chosen. This project consisted in asking questions to your mother about some things when she was pregnant. If you want to take a look to the task click here.


Here you can find the oral presentation of the Prezi!

Click here

Linking Words

After watching my presentation on linking Words we had to look up the conectors in boy or invent them. I worked with Sofia Luchter and Azul Sequeira


I also love to cook.
In conclusion, walking is a cheap, safe, enjoyable and readily available form of exercise.
The rent is reasonable, and moreover, the location is perfect.
I got another job.


As a result of my car being broken I had to go on foot.
I was fired due to being late all the time.
She had previous experience, therefore she seemed the best candidate.
As a consequence of high blood pressure, I am feeling bad.


He is, indeed, a hard worker.
She is obviously very tired after working so much.
I generally don’t like playing sports, but I love playing hockey.
I especially don’t like food that is not organic.


I don’t like vegetables, for example, carrots.
I hate fruits, including tomatoes.
I love almost all the ice cream flavors, such as vanilla, chocolate, etc.
For instance, running in the halls is a safety violation at school.


Roald like the candies and his friends too.
Furthermore, it can help you to cook.
Roald is just us his dad.
Trees give us fruits as well as shade.


Roald is similar to his dad.
Why don’t you two get together and compare your exams
My height is the same as Nina’s.
This is written similarly to Pablo’s style


I didn’t go to school because of my broken rib.
I love you as a friend.
I haven’t danced since 2010.
I haven’t gone to school for 2 months


I like dancing although I am bad at it
I was cooking while Sofi was sleeping.
I love singing but on the other hand I don’t like it.
I like playing football however I am terrible at it.