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Casa de Gobierno CABA – Arquitecto

Esta es la presentacion que Tomas Galmarini, Renata Marty, Agustin Monguzzi y yo hicimos sobre el arquitecto, Norman Foster, para tener mas conocimiento a la hora de tener la salida educativa.

Respecto a los roles en el equipo, los dividimos de la siguiente forma;

Agustin –  Comunicador

Renata – Facilitadora

Valentina – Coordinadora

Tomas – Soporte

Todos llevamos a cabo distintas tareas y pusimos en común la información encontrada.


Dumb Martian Activities

In groups we had to do the activities in Pilar’s blog about Dumb Martian. I worked with Sofia and Renata.

Report the following quotes from Dumb Martian.
Say who said what?

“She doesn’t say anything, and she’s stupid.”
Duncan complained of her not saying anything and being stupid.
“Martians aren’t intelligent”
Duncan said that Martians weren’t intelligent
“You’ve never lived here, have you?”
The Agent asked if he had ever lived there
“Put on your space suit.”
Duncan ordered Lellie to put on her space suit
“No, I’ve never enjoyed reading very much.”
Duncan admitted not enjoying reading very much.

1- After analysing the story find an equivalent to Lellie in our days.
2-Do you know about any unfair treatment of women that takes place in our times? Give examples.
3- Design a leaflet with a motion that defends gender equality. The leaflet should leave a positive teaching and it cannot contain any form of discrimination. It should have an attractive design.

1- An equivalent of Lellie in our days would be all women in Saudi Arabia because even though they have recently been given the right to drive, they still have many restrictions.

2- Yes, an example of unfair treatment of women that takes place in our times is the women of the Islam that do not have the complete freedom that they should have, also they aren’t respected as they deserve.




Gender equality is a human fight, not a female one. by vpernarcic

Variation – Chapter 19

Today in Biology , Ceci gave us the task of answering the following questions, I worked with Renata Marty.

19.1 ) Decide wether each of these features shows continuous variation or discontinuous variation.

a)  Blood group in humans / discontinuous variation

b) Foot size in humans  / Continuous variation

c) Leaf lenght in a species of tree /  Continuous variation

d) Presence of horns in a cattle / Discontinuous variation

19.3 ) The photograph shows a small mammal called a tarsier. Tarsiers feed on insects, which they hunt at night.

How is the tarsier adapted for survival environment?

First of all, as his skin colour is somehow similar to the color of the trees, he can easily camuflage and so he can not be seen by predators. Secondly, his hands are perfect to climb trees, as he has 4 legs and his fingers perfectly match each other.