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My Learning E-Portfolio

Today in meet, we were introduced a whole new working dynamic that we will carry out all ver the year; an E-Portfolio. You may be wodering what it consists on, just like I was.

We were told to watch this video, which helped me understand this new method even more. An E-Portfolio aims at building conncetions that will later on help you in the learning process by aiming at the collection of work and refelction on it.

To have a deeper understanding on the project, we were asked to have a look at 3 different portfolios from Senior 5 students. I chose Abril Teran Frias, Trinidad Porretti and Anouk Laferrere for this task.

As regards Anouk’s portfolio, I loved the attractive titles she put in the different posts, I was curious about their content, for instance in the post titled ‘Arriba los latinos’! In addition, Abril’s portfolio has a great variety of pictures that were really eye-catching, which made the posts not boring at all. As for Trini’s portfolio, the activities were explained in a clear way, so despite I am not in her class, I could perfectly understand what they were doing. The three portfolios were amazingly organized, with a clear structure, most of their posts included a great reflection and they showed their progress throughout the year.