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Asexual and Sexual Reproduction

There are 2 types of reproduction (in which a new organism gets chromosomes from its parent/ parents which contain a set of instructions called GENES)  called Asexual reproduction and Sexual reproduction.

Asexual Reproduction

• It involves ONE parent, whose organism cells divide by Mitosis, the divisions create a new set of cells which conform an organism which will be EXACTLY THE SAME

Example: Potatoes

• They reproduce using stem tubers, the tubers are planted underground, where many new plants will grow as whenever there is a bud a new plant can grow

Sexual Reproduction

1st the organism produces GAMETES, sperm in case of male and eggs in case of female.

2nd The two gametes join their nuclei and fuse together to create a new cell called ZYGOTE. (This process is called fertilization)

The zygote

-It divides again and again and becomes an organism with a combination of genes from both parents, so the offspring is different from all the other organisms , even their parent’s one


– They are made of the division of ordinary cells called MEIOSIS. As they are an ordinary cell divided, they do not have 46 chromosomes as normal, they have 23 as when the two gametes join they can create a cell with the common number of chromosomes.

Cells are divided into :

– Haploid Cells -> Cells with 23 chromosomes

-Diploid Cells -> Cells with 46 chromosomes

Notes: «Biologycal levels: The World Tour»

In biology class we watched a video and these are the notes I’ve taken.

They are many types of Biologycal levels. For example;

-Organ system
To get a higher level we need to put all the lower levels together. For example, we have cells that form a tissue, which forms an organ and that successively.
Now we are going to talk about smaller things, like biomolecules which are what cells are made of. A biomolecule is formed by atoms.