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Biology Project

Marina, Azul and I, had to made a presentation about structural proteins. Here it is!

Prezi on Structural Proteins

To give you a background, we will tell you about the process.

As for the organization, we used the time Ceci gave us to do the project in class and that helped a lot. We divided the things we couldn’t finish in class in equal parts, so that each of could finish a part of the project and be the ‘especialist’ on that topic.

We took the information from different sites according to the different topics, for example, the examples of the different structural protein molecules were taken from this site from where we got a general idea and then looked in different places to complete each topic.

We had 2 drawbacks. The fact that we got the group of structural proteins was difficut as most of the informatin we found was about functional proteins, the group that belongs to Lucia D,, Renata and Violeta. The other drawback was related to the model, as we didn’t have dough from the colors that belong to each element.