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Description of a place

I worked with Lucia Do Carmo.

Far away from the crowded city center, rises a a rusty wooden construction, which does not lack modernism at all. The flawless turquoise from the sea highlights the coffee-like walls that built the extraordinary structure of the appealing house. A peaceful atmosphere is created given to the crystal clear water that surrounds the house. Burgeoning palms provide a malodorous scent to the fresh scene. Moreover, a harmonious state of mind is achieved thanks to the rhythmical clash between the sharpened waves of the sea and the fine golden sand. A light breeze acts as an orchestral conductor for the undetectable flow of the glittering sand, which makes everyone standing barefooted slightly wet when stepping on her. The unbelievable sweltering heat continued to occupy the slightest corner of the area, it even became a blurred line the one between the inside and outside of the house. A salty smell engulfed noses that dared to go nearby and caused weak eyes to be filled with tears. Not only did the sun cover almost every step given, but also did it turned shadows into a construction of coloured fragments of light, as if they were a puzzle under construction. 

“My Parents” by Sir Stephen Spender

In class we were given this task after reading a new poem called My Parents. These are our answers and analysis. I worked with Lucia Do Carmo.


Task 1: The kid probably felt oppressed because of the bully kids and how mean, violent and threatening they were. Moreover, at school he must have felt lonely due to the fact that he had no friends, and we can infer this because he even tried to be friendly and smile to those who bothered him.


Task 2:

It was written by Stephen Spender, who worked a lot with

There is imagery to describe the bullies. It is also mentioned the fact that the child and his family are from a higher class, as the voice looks down on them, which can be related to the fact that his parents did not want him to be with them. There are differences between classes. Boys are rough with him and probably violent towards him.

Imagery: Gives the idea of how different they were to the person.

Simile: Shows how rough the children were, and somehow a feeling of admiration. The fact that they are compared to animals also supports the point of the social differences.


  • Childhood experiences
  • Social Differences
  • Loneliness
  • Admiration and envy


Tone and Mood:

  • Casual
  • Relaxed
  • Informal
  • Admiration


Task 3:

 Stanza 1: “My parents kept me from children who were rough” This proves everything said in the summary, from what the parents said to how the bullies were. A literary device found in this stanza is Simile when the author writes “Who threw words like stones” portraying how harsh and strong what they said was, and how hard it affected him.


Stanza 2: “Their muscles like iron” This  summarizes the stanza as it talks about the admiration the boy has towards the bullies physical appearance. The literary device that we can find in this stanza is symbolism, “I feared more than tigers” , this shows

how as the bullies are from different classes, the voice looks down on them and

portrays them as animals, wild. It is not that the child thinks that, but as we can see in the beginning, his parents taught him to think like that.


Stanza 3: “I longed to forgive them but they never smiled.” This shows that he is willing to forgive them and tries to be friendly with them, but they do not accept that. A literary device for this stanza would be Simile, “Like dogs to bark at my world.”, here the boy is once again comparing the kids to animals and portraying them as rough. With “world” he probably means his social position.


Human Nutrition

After dedicating 2 lab classes to complete activities 1 and 2 , we had to make a cartoon that represented the alimentary canal in proteins , fats and carbohydrates,  in our group base (Fermin Lucia and I)


2) a) First I see the food, and the salivary glands start working by secreting saliva.

b) Secondly, I ingest the food and start biting and breaking the food into smaller pieces with my teeth.

c) Then, with the help of the saliva, the food softens and the food becomes a bolus.

d) Then, I  gather a lot of saliva in my mouth, and I push the bolus backwards woth my tongue

e) Finally, I swallow all the saliva, that pushes the bolus through the oesofagus, to get to the stomach.


Self evaluation

We found it difficult to understand what a cartoon was and should be. Moreover, we couldn’t organize ourselves in an effective way at first. After thinking about it, we decided to divide the work. Fermin told me what to draw, I drew  and looked up the information and Lucia painted all the comics and helped me to draw. This was amazing, because we all worked in an equal way as a team !