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Letter From Catherine To Eddie – A View From The Bridge

After discussing A View From The Bridge’s characters, we were asked by the teacher to write a letter from a character to another. Nina & I have chosen to write one from Catherine to Eddie.

Dear Eddie,

I’m writing to tell you everything I can’t say to your face. Please do not take this the wrong way, please don’t get mad.

I’m going to be straightfoward to you here; i’m in love with Rodolpho.

Rodolpho, he loves me back, if not as much, as more. He is a gentleman and a loving man beyond compare to any man I have any encountered in my life. He loves me for my mind, soul and who am I as a person, and not my body. He is a complete man, he pleases me and cares about me like no other. I love him.

So, Eddie, he is not after the papers, he’s after me. Please back off, we just want a quiet normal life. We want no trouble, so please do not call it on us. I know you still want to have an influence in my life, but I’m not a kid anymore, I’m a free agent.

You have to understand I’m more than just your niece, I’m more than just a kid, I’m an adult now, a woman, you have no say in my life, wther you can accept it or not.