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Human Nutrition

After dedicating 2 lab classes to complete activities 1 and 2 , we had to make a cartoon that represented the alimentary canal in proteins , fats and carbohydrates,  in our group base (Fermin Lucia and I)


2) a) First I see the food, and the salivary glands start working by secreting saliva.

b) Secondly, I ingest the food and start biting and breaking the food into smaller pieces with my teeth.

c) Then, with the help of the saliva, the food softens and the food becomes a bolus.

d) Then, I  gather a lot of saliva in my mouth, and I push the bolus backwards woth my tongue

e) Finally, I swallow all the saliva, that pushes the bolus through the oesofagus, to get to the stomach.


Self evaluation

We found it difficult to understand what a cartoon was and should be. Moreover, we couldn’t organize ourselves in an effective way at first. After thinking about it, we decided to divide the work. Fermin told me what to draw, I drew  and looked up the information and Lucia painted all the comics and helped me to draw. This was amazing, because we all worked in an equal way as a team !