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Diary Entry

Write a diary entry from Ali’s point of view as regards the actions of his father.

Dear diary,

                   I am afraid I can’t endure the discrimination coming from my dad any more. I think my dad has already understandood how I feel at the moment, given to the sullen expression I have had for the last seven days. 

      The best way to describe how I am right now is disappointed and trapped. My father doesn’t understand how serious I am about this subject, and how serious I take it. It seems that he doesn’t care and I can tell that because of the insolent tone he has acquired. I understand his distress about me playing truant in a recent past, but that doesn’t make his look of contempt any nicer to me.

    I was just seeking for respect towards my religion, but seeing him drunk at dinner did not leave me any other choice than venturing in his own actions and punish him about them. All he could manage to say to defend himself were stuttered sentences. How was it even possible that a man could change his way of seeing the world in such a quick and normal way? From Muslim to a follower of the Western culture is a radical change, one that doesn’t seem as a possible thing to me. 

    It is not that I do not love my family and friends, it is just that the Quran and Allah inspire me in a way no one has ever done before, and that inspiration makes me give them all the priority in my life. If family is the opportunity cost, then let it be if they can not keep up with my new life style. 

               I have the feeling that something is going to happen today, but I can’t figure out whether it is going to be good or bad. I will keep in touch in case anything occurs. 

I’ll write you soon,    



Diary Entry; My first days at secondary school!

Cata Perkins, teacher of practical skills, gave us the task of writing a diary entry on our first days at secondary school. Here it is!

15th of March 2017                                 Thursday 13:10 pm
I’m so nervous about secondary school!
Dear diary,
You may know, as I’ve told you before, that a few days ago I started secondary. I know its not such a big deal because I’m not changing to another school, but I feel it is.

I am very scared of all the subjects, which are like 12!! The fact of failing a subject makes me sooooo nervous ! It’s our third week and we are full of homework. Since we started school , I haven’t have almost any free time as I’m always doing homework for the next day. What complicates my time schedule is that on Mondays and Wednesdays I have hockey training in Pacheco since 5 o’clock and I arrive home at 10:15 pm, so I’m driving myself crazy!!!

I feel a lot of pressure of getting a very low mark and failing a subject, my parents would kill me and would tell me to leave hockey, because it takes me lot of time from studying!
See you in my next adventure,

Diary Entry; Margot’s point of view

After reading the story ‘All Summer In A Day’, we were given the task of writting a diary entry as if we were Margot, describing how she felt after the bullying act. Here it is!

25th of March 2017                                                                Saturday 15:40 pm

 Still startled by the act of bullying I’ve suffered.

Dear diary,

             Today I’ve been bullied. I had been bothered before but not in such a serious way, this time they went too far. I’m really frightened and depressed by what they’ve done to me. I want to go back to the Earth right now.

             When the teacher left, my schoolmates locked my in a closet and left me there while they watched the sun coming out. I tried to be heard by the teacher with muffled cries and slammed the door to try to get out of that 4 walls that prevented me from watching the most precious thing in my life, which was driving me crazy.