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Act 1 A View From The Bridge

Here you can find the answers of the questions on pages 40 & 41 of the booklet. I worked with Olivia and Nina.

Secondly, in Literature class, we completed a chart showing 2 quotations each of the 3 characters said, their explanation and effect. I worked with Nina.

Paper Towns by John Green

Yesterday in Language class we were asked to write about our favourite book and the author of it. You can find the task in Pilar Pando’s blog.

Well, my favourite book as you can see in the title, is Paper Towns by John Green.  I really like it because whenever you start reading it you can’t stop and is perfectly written.

This story is about Quentin, a nonpopular boy, who likes Margo, a pretty and popular girl. One day she knocks his window and asks him to drive her to a list of places she wantsto go to do some weird but funny things. One day Margo dissapears and Quentin, who is in love with her, starts looking for any kind of clue that can help on finding Margo.

About John Green:

He was born in Indianapolis in 1977. During his childhood he moved to several places and because of college, outside of Birmingham, Alabama, which was used as inspiration for the setting of his book «Looking for Alaska». He has spoken about being bullied.

Appart from being an author he is a vlogger. He has written many books and short stories and has won 6 prizes.

This is the cover of the book «Paper Towns»