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Biology Project

Marina, Azul and I, had to made a presentation about structural proteins. Here it is!

Prezi on Structural Proteins

To give you a background, we will tell you about the process.

As for the organization, we used the time Ceci gave us to do the project in class and that helped a lot. We divided the things we couldn’t finish in class in equal parts, so that each of could finish a part of the project and be the ‘especialist’ on that topic.

We took the information from different sites according to the different topics, for example, the examples of the different structural protein molecules were taken from this site from where we got a general idea and then looked in different places to complete each topic.

We had 2 drawbacks. The fact that we got the group of structural proteins was difficut as most of the informatin we found was about functional proteins, the group that belongs to Lucia D,, Renata and Violeta. The other drawback was related to the model, as we didn’t have dough from the colors that belong to each element.

Questions on ‘There Will Come Soft Rains’ and ‘Nosedive’

Veronica gave us the task of answering the questions she posted in her blog, after seeing ‘Nosedive’ and reading ‘there Will Come Soft Rains’. I’ve worked with Marina Castagnino and Azul Sequeira

  1. Nosedive is set in Port Mary and in the future, and we can realize this because of all the advanced technology that appears in the chapter.
  2. The short story takes place in the year 2026 the 6 of August.
  3. In ‘Nosedive’ Lacie is a superficial character whose life depends on technology, she actually lives for technology and her life is based on it, because at the end of the episode, she instinctively rises her hand as if she was holding her phone to rate the person in front of her. In ‘There Will Come Soft Rains’, we can also see how technology had dominated the human race, before their death. In the story, Technology made things for humans and controlled their lives, like in ‘Nosedive’, where technology established someone’s social status, friends and possessions. “Nine-fifteen, sang the clock”, here we can see how a clock is personified by saying that it sings. Another personification we can find in the story is how the house is personified all throughout the story, for example in the following quote “the house began to die.”. Finally, in this quote “But the fire was clever”, in which the fire that was started in the house is described and personified as ‘clever’. The fact that technology and the house are personified may be suggesting that technology is becoming more and more similar to humans. Personification is when an object is attributed human actions, so the question that the author may be asking is, to what extent is technology a thing and not a living thing?
  4. Both, the episode and the story, are warning us about how technology is dangerous in many ways. One of these ways may be related to the fact that technology may destroy us, because it may dominate us. And the other way, is that technology may turn our society into a superficial one, a society in which people judge you by how look in your social media and not in real life.
  5. We think that the future that the story presents is more likeable to happen because with the passage of time, we are getting more and more things done by technology, like in factories where employees are being replaced by machines, or phones that are making our life easier day after day. So, at the end, we are going to have houses like the one in the story and we will end up destroying ourselves.

Edificios que bordean la Plaza de Mayo

Hoy en formacion etica y ciudadana, la profesora nos pidio investigar que edificios se encuentran alrededor de la plaza de mayo, esto fue los que Azul, Violeta, Bautista y yo encontramos.

¿Qué edificios del Poder Publico se encuentran en torno a la plaza de mayo, en la ciudad de Buenos Aires?

Bordeando la plaza de mayo podemos encontrar los siguientes edificios historicos tales como el cabildo, la catedral metropolitana, la casa rosada, el palacio del gobierno de la ciudad y varios bancos y ministerios.

Por otro lado, en el centro de la plaza de Mayo esta la pirámide de mayo, y sobre la avenida de mayo se conecta la casa rosada con el congreso nacional.

Linking Words

After watching my presentation on linking Words we had to look up the conectors in boy or invent them. I worked with Sofia Luchter and Azul Sequeira


I also love to cook.
In conclusion, walking is a cheap, safe, enjoyable and readily available form of exercise.
The rent is reasonable, and moreover, the location is perfect.
I got another job.


As a result of my car being broken I had to go on foot.
I was fired due to being late all the time.
She had previous experience, therefore she seemed the best candidate.
As a consequence of high blood pressure, I am feeling bad.


He is, indeed, a hard worker.
She is obviously very tired after working so much.
I generally don’t like playing sports, but I love playing hockey.
I especially don’t like food that is not organic.


I don’t like vegetables, for example, carrots.
I hate fruits, including tomatoes.
I love almost all the ice cream flavors, such as vanilla, chocolate, etc.
For instance, running in the halls is a safety violation at school.


Roald like the candies and his friends too.
Furthermore, it can help you to cook.
Roald is just us his dad.
Trees give us fruits as well as shade.


Roald is similar to his dad.
Why don’t you two get together and compare your exams
My height is the same as Nina’s.
This is written similarly to Pablo’s style


I didn’t go to school because of my broken rib.
I love you as a friend.
I haven’t danced since 2010.
I haven’t gone to school for 2 months


I like dancing although I am bad at it
I was cooking while Sofi was sleeping.
I love singing but on the other hand I don’t like it.
I like playing football however I am terrible at it.

Seed Germination- Growing Lentils

On July 5th we prepared a flask with cotton , a piece of paper and 4 seeds. They had been soacked in water the previous night. We worked in pairs, studying variables (temperature, water, sunlight, covered and uncovered flasks)

I worked with Azul and Nina and the variable we studied was water.

Here you can take a look on my germinated seeds on day 11

This is the table of results I have been completing day by day sbout the germination of my seeds.

My seed had all the variables, which is not the case of Azul, a member of the group, who studied the growth of her seed without water. I watered my plant everyday when needed and I realized that if the cotton was still wet, I should not water it yet. On the weekends, my seed was not watered but luckily the cotton kept my seed wet for those days.

The 75% of my seeds germinated. (3/4)

Seeds without water | results

None of the seeds grew (0%)  and instead they went black. They were dry and harsh.

Azul provided the seed sun, good temperature, oxygen, and an uncovered flask)

Conclusion: After comparing the results that my partner who did not water the seed and my results, I got to the conclusion that seeds without water can not germinate and can not get out of their dormancy, they stay dormant all the time. A seed needs water to grow, and that is obligatory.