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Making Connections

After discussing ‘A Dolls House’ by Katherine Mansfield, we had to complete a task to study in depth the theme of popularity. The assignment consisted in making connections and analyzing the relations between the sources we had: articles and videos on bullying, the story and the chosen song taken from this page. I chose the song ‘Shake It Off’ by Taylor Swift to work on.

These were the connections I could make.

This assignment was really useful to me, as it allowed me to organize and put all the content and learned things together. I was able to understand the concept and therefore the connections between each source of information.

Moreover, I really liked discussing a topic that is so present nowadays, bullying and popularity is something that happens, happened and will continue happening. It was entertaining to analyse such a popular song, to look carefully at it. Music is a powerful way to portray these type of feelings and situations, so listening to different songs during meet was a great way to expand our knowledge.

Something I would have done differently is to do it in pairs, because that way I would have someone to exchange ideas and opinions on the subject. Perhaps working in pairs could have influenced on my opinion, brought me a new perspective.

The Three Perspectives of Bullying

While discussing the story ‘A dolls house’, by Katherine Mansfield, the theme of bullying and popularity came up. We worked on it by making connections between videos, popular songs that talk about it and the story. Finally, we had to make a video, like the ones we had analysed, portraying the different points of view of bullying. Tomas, Baustista B, Sofia and I, prepared this video!

I believe that this method, creating is a video, is an amazing way to learn. In order to make a complete one, I had to gather information from different sources and campaigns, so as a result of all the things I read, I became informed on the topic. Moreover, I had to take notes to organize what I would say, and I finally recorded myself using significant pictures as backgrounds.

Furthermore, I find visual information really useful, and this task asked for the use of pictures, so in that way it really helped me. Moreover, another thing that was useful when organizing how we would make the video was that our teacher, Pat, had already sent us some videos to watch, so we could use them as an inspiration.

A difficulty that I had with this activity is that I don’t like talking to the camera, so I was a bit insecure when filming myself. However, the background image helped me overcome that problem!

Something I would have loved to do is to watch the videos in a meet, to be able to see what the others did and their opinions as regards bullying.

To conclude, this activity was helpful and it helped me give a closure to the project. In adittion, I was able to carry out this activity easily as we had already debated the subject!

‘A doll’s house’ – Jamboard

In our literature class, we read the story ‘A doll’s house’ by Katherine Mansfield. I have chosen the jamboard we completed last class to include in the portfolio.

The activity consisted in completing the pages our teacher, Pat, had prepared for us with short ideas or quotes related to the topics each page was about. Afterwards, we discussed and went over the jamboard all together in a meet.

Click here to see the jamboard

As you may have noticed, we discussed different topics, from social inequalities to examples of irony in the story. Similar ideas can be seen, as well as different perspectives on a single topic. I believe that that was the most interesting thing of the activity, what made the assignment effective. The fact that it created sort of a debate, it included different opinions, is what helped me learn in a better way. I could learn from the others and see some of the literary elemnts present in the story from a different point of view. Despite at first I did not know what to write, or I was a bit shy to make my opinions public, as soon as everyone started posting I realized what the point of the activity was.

Moreover, despite there were 10 topics/pages to discuss, we only had to choose 7 to complete. I believe that that made the activity more interesting, as we could have more freedom and we were not forced to talk about something we didn’t undestand or didn’t feel comfortable with.

The jamboard is one of the activities that has helped me learn the most, as it was visual and the ideas had to be expressed in short ‘sticky notes’. In addition, I was prepared to learn, I had read the story and completed the previous activities, so I found it easy to discuss it and give my opinions on it.

To sum up, I would love to repeat this type of activities, as it has helped me learn from others and understand the topics. If well prepared, the activity is really fun and dinamic!