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Biology Project // Darwin & The Beagle Voyage

Ceci Adem, our Biology teacher, gave us the task of choosing one of the aspects of Darwin that we liked the most, we took these activities from those project plans and we answered them based in the letters and diary entries Darwin wrote. I worked with Olivia Vidal in the topic 'Darwin and the Beagle Voyage'.

Activity 2

Read through the letter and diary extract and answer the letter questions. 

1. According to the letter to his father, what has caused Darwin difficulties and what is he enjoying?

The only difficulty he had, and he did not enjoy it at all, he had seasickness. He felt exhausted, had a feeling of being about to faint all time and he had to stay in his hammock a big part of the days he was affected with that illness. Now, talking about the things he enjoyed, we can notice the following; the voyage was extremely pleasant, in fact he find the ship as comfortable as his own house, he was exceedingly busy and although he was working, the trip was a great delight, strolling under cocoa nuts in a thicket of bananas and coffee plants and  an endless number of wild flowers, going to the quiet relaxing sea and seeing a variety of  plants.

2. From the letter and diary entry, do you think that the voyage has met Darwin’s expectations so far?

In part yes, but in part no. He, as he well describes in the letter to his father, he is really impressed by the landscapes. He is also enjoying all the animals he has been collecting, as they are part of incredible varies of species. What I think it wasn’t part of Darwin’s explanations and was suffered a lot, is te fact that it was reallly hot on the ship. The sun bothered all day and at night although it got a bit cooler, it was still hot.

3. How is Darwin feeling in his diary entry? Why does Darwin describes events differently here than in the letter to his father?

Darwin is somehow disapointed in this diary entry. I feel that he was starting to believe that life at the sea is perfect and that the only thing that was difficut was seasickness, but suddenly, this abundant and heavy heat appears and makes Darwin change his view about sea life. I think that he describes events different in both letters as to impress his dad, and not to dissapoint him, he tells him everything is perfect, that he is getting used to sea life although he actually isn’t. He also wants his father to be proud of his own son, so there you can see why he describes the events much different.  In the diary entry, as nno one else will see it he is really honest and tells just the facts without making a single lie in the timeline.

Visit the web pages from the Royal Museums Greenwich describing life at sea. Imagine you are going on an expedition for 5 years. Write down 3 things that
would be difficult and 3 things that you would enjoy .


What we would find difficult What we would enjoy
To get used to the poor rations of food and the dirt they carry with them. Capturing a booty or sharing a money prize among the other seamen.
To be sick in the ship, as there was nearly anything it could be done to help you, the only thing you could do to get better was to stay in your hammock. And if you needed surgery, it would be a dirty one with no anesthetic. Hanging out with the other seamen when we were off-duty. We would play cards, instruments, sing ‘Sea Shanties’, draw, tell tales. But especially, write letters home.
The hard punishments that captain would put and the extrict methods, to guarantee respect and obedience,the authorities used. Seeing a variety of sea animals and baing able to see the beautiful landscapes you can see when you are in a ship, such as the incredible sunsets and dawns.
Imagine you are Darwin; write a letter to your best friend describing a day at sea.


Activity 3

Read through the letter and diary extracts and answer the
letter questions.

1. According to the letter and diary entries, list the different things that Darwin has been collecting.

  • Marine animals
  • Insects
  • Undescribed species
  • Land animals
  • Spiders
  • Rocks
  • Brilliantly coloured flowers

2. In the letter and diary entries Darwin describes two different things that have impressed him most, what are they and what does he like about them?

As Darwin said, the Flora and Fauna (the landscapes and the animals). He found really impressing and incredible all the landscapes he had seen in Brazil, all the green they had and the amazing vegetation, flowers, plants and giant trees.  He was really impressed with the Fauna there because there were many animals he did not know, so he got to learn new things.

3. In the letter and diary entries Darwin mentions Claude and Humboldt, who is he referring to and why?

Humbdolt was a geographer, naturalist and explorer that proposed that the lands of the Atlantic Ocean (South America and Africa for example) were once joined and Claude was a  French physiologist.  (It doesn’t say anything more about them in the letter, Darwin just mentions them).

4. In the letter, how does he try to make his friend Fox envious of him?

By comparing what would Fox be doing at that moment and what he was doing at that momen. He compares both jobs and you an notice how proudnDarwin is for the trip he has made and the paradise he is in. »Think when you are picking insects off a hawthorn hedge on a
fine May day (wretchedly cold I have no doubt) think of me collecting amongst pineapples & orange trees; whilst staining your fingers with dirty blackberries, think & be envious of ripe oranges.»

5. How does he show how much he misses Fox at the end of the letter?

By going back to a serious tone. Previously, he was trying to make Fox jealous and he was joking, but when he is saying goodbye to Fox in thel letter, he comes back to his serious face again. »God Bless you. Believe me, Yours very affectionately
Charles Darwin»

Write a poem or create a word cloud in the shape of a map ofSouth America using Darwin’s words to describe the landscape that he sees.


Act 1 A View From The Bridge

Here you can find the answers of the questions on pages 40 & 41 of the booklet. I worked with Olivia and Nina.

Secondly, in Literature class, we completed a chart showing 2 quotations each of the 3 characters said, their explanation and effect. I worked with Nina.

Variation – Chapter 19

Today in Biology , Ceci gave us the task of answering the following questions, I worked with Renata Marty.

19.1 ) Decide wether each of these features shows continuous variation or discontinuous variation.

a)  Blood group in humans / discontinuous variation

b) Foot size in humans  / Continuous variation

c) Leaf lenght in a species of tree /  Continuous variation

d) Presence of horns in a cattle / Discontinuous variation

19.3 ) The photograph shows a small mammal called a tarsier. Tarsiers feed on insects, which they hunt at night.

How is the tarsier adapted for survival environment?

First of all, as his skin colour is somehow similar to the color of the trees, he can easily camuflage and so he can not be seen by predators. Secondly, his hands are perfect to climb trees, as he has 4 legs and his fingers perfectly match each other.



‘How I came to this world’ – Biology project

For this term we had the task of choosing between two projects, one about the stages of life and the other one was ‘ How I came to this world’, which was the one we have chosen. This project consisted in asking questions to your mother about some things when she was pregnant. If you want to take a look to the task click here.


Here you can find the oral presentation of the Prezi!

Click here

The League Of Nations 1920s’

In history class, Lenny gave us a task which consisted in watching the video she uploaded to her blog and with the help of the second chapter of out history book, answer these questions on the League of Nations in pairs, I worked with Olivia Vidal.

1- The global aim was to achieve peace and the specific aims were the disarmament, to improve the living and working conditions, to reinforce the Treaty of Versailles, to encourage countries to cooperate in trade and business and to discourage agression.

2-Wilson wanted to join the League of nations but first the American Parliament had to accept it. As in the USA that idea wasn’t popular, his plans were really criticized.

3- As the League was a term of the Treaty Of Versailles which was really harsh on Germany and so as they HATED that treaty, they hated everything related to it, such as the keague of nations.

4- USA traded with almost every country in the world at that time, so they did not like the idea of stop a comertial relationship with a country just because of their agression.

5-Many of the American citizens were anti-empires as tehy felt a little threatened by them and they power.

7-Upper Silesia was an important region for Poland and Germany because at the end of the First World War Upper Silesia was one of the richest mineral and industrial areas of Europe.For example,Upper Silesian coalfields accounted for 21%,of German coal production.It was a 4,000 square miles of territory which had formerly been ruled by the German Empire thoughout modern history.At the end of the First World War both Germany and Poland laid claim to the area. It contained a mix of German and Polish population, so they were both ethnically mixed.

8- The league tried to persuade Poland to leave but they wouldn’t. Poland showed a lot of power in that situation.

9-The League decide that the Island should belong to Finland

10- Mussolini invade Greece because on 27 August,while they were surveying the Greek side of the frontier area,Tellini(an Italian general) and his team were ambushed and killed.The Italian leader Mussolini was fourious and blamed the Greek government for the murders.

11- The league was criticised because after the conflict all the other countries realized that even the weakest power could get its way out if she was backed up by France or Britain, as they were the most powerful countries in the league.

12- FIrst of all, if the protocol wasn’t signed cases such as Corfu’s problem would continue happening and they wouldn’t have a solid and quick solution. Secondly, the fact that Britain backed off, revealed the power and influence GB had over the whole League, because when she refused to sign the protocol many other countries did the same.



Vilnas’s conflict
Vilna was Lithuania’s capital, whose population was mainly polish. So because of this, Poland invaded Vilna. When this happened, Lithuania went to the league to ask for help but the Poles did not pull out. The league did nothing more as Britain and France weren’t prepared to act

Aaland islands conflict
In this conflict the countries involved were, Aaland Islands, Sweden and Finland. The problem was who should keep the islands either Finland or Sweden. To solve this conflict , they both went to the league who presented the solution of measuring the distance of each country with the island, the one who was closer would keep them. Finally, Finland kept them.

Corfu’s conflict
This conflict is one of the most complex ones. This conflict begins with a border dispute between Greece and Albania over Corfu. Italy sent his team there to define those borders, but one day they are killed while they are there and so Mussolini invades Corfu. Greece complaints to the league who states that Italy should leave Corfu and Greece should pay Italy for the murder of the Italian team. The money Greece had to pay would be kept by the league till the murderers were found although Mussolini managed to take the money before that.

Upper Silesia conflict
This was a conflict between Poland and Germany , as they were borders they were fighting for the region of Upper Silesia which had access to the sea. To solve this conflict the league offered a plebiscite to the inhabitants of Upper Silesia to say who should keep that region. Finally , Germany won in the urban part of Upper Silesia and Poland with the rural part.

Bulgaria’s conflict

This conflict begins with the murder of some Greek soldiers in the border of Bulgaria.  As a reaction, Greece invaded Bulgaria and so Bulgaria appealed to the League. To solve this conflict, the league made Greece pull out from Bulgaria and to pay compensations to them for invading them unfairly. This showed the double standard of the league in front of less powerful states and more powerful ones, such as Italy.

Linking Words

After watching my presentation on linking Words we had to look up the conectors in boy or invent them. I worked with Sofia Luchter and Azul Sequeira


I also love to cook.
In conclusion, walking is a cheap, safe, enjoyable and readily available form of exercise.
The rent is reasonable, and moreover, the location is perfect.
I got another job.


As a result of my car being broken I had to go on foot.
I was fired due to being late all the time.
She had previous experience, therefore she seemed the best candidate.
As a consequence of high blood pressure, I am feeling bad.


He is, indeed, a hard worker.
She is obviously very tired after working so much.
I generally don’t like playing sports, but I love playing hockey.
I especially don’t like food that is not organic.


I don’t like vegetables, for example, carrots.
I hate fruits, including tomatoes.
I love almost all the ice cream flavors, such as vanilla, chocolate, etc.
For instance, running in the halls is a safety violation at school.


Roald like the candies and his friends too.
Furthermore, it can help you to cook.
Roald is just us his dad.
Trees give us fruits as well as shade.


Roald is similar to his dad.
Why don’t you two get together and compare your exams
My height is the same as Nina’s.
This is written similarly to Pablo’s style


I didn’t go to school because of my broken rib.
I love you as a friend.
I haven’t danced since 2010.
I haven’t gone to school for 2 months


I like dancing although I am bad at it
I was cooking while Sofi was sleeping.
I love singing but on the other hand I don’t like it.
I like playing football however I am terrible at it.