Making Connections

After discussing ‘A Dolls House’ by Katherine Mansfield, we had to complete a task to study in depth the theme of popularity. The assignment consisted in making connections and analyzing the relations between the sources we had: articles and videos on bullying, the story and the chosen song taken from this page. I chose the song ‘Shake It Off’ by Taylor Swift to work on.

These were the connections I could make.

This assignment was really useful to me, as it allowed me to organize and put all the content and learned things together. I was able to understand the concept and therefore the connections between each source of information.

Moreover, I really liked discussing a topic that is so present nowadays, bullying and popularity is something that happens, happened and will continue happening. It was entertaining to analyse such a popular song, to look carefully at it. Music is a powerful way to portray these type of feelings and situations, so listening to different songs during meet was a great way to expand our knowledge.

Something I would have done differently is to do it in pairs, because that way I would have someone to exchange ideas and opinions on the subject. Perhaps working in pairs could have influenced on my opinion, brought me a new perspective.

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