All my sons – Pre reading activities

Task 1

#10 influential things in Arthur Miller’s life
  • Being a Polish inmigrant
  • Being a jewish descendent
  • Her mother used to read lots of novels
  • Economic difficulties to overcome during the Great Depression
  • Attending University of Michigan
  • Kenneth Rowe’s courses
  •  Marrying Marylin Monroe
  • Actions of the HUAC
  • His son Daniel, and his syndrome
  • People’s support all along his career

Task 2

  1. I would define a responsible person as someone who does the things he is suppossed to and thinks of a bigger sake as regards his actions.
  2. In some aspects I am a responsible person, however in others I am not. For instance, I am responsible when talking about school, but I am not so responsible as regards the environment or the fact that I lose things all the time. My mother is responsible because she always remembers and does the things she and others depend on her to do, and for example, now during corona virus she doesn’t allow me to go outside although there is no school and we are not strictly forced to stay home all day. The second example is a proof of being responsible as she is also taking care of other people by not allowing me to go outside.
  3. I think that the best way to learn how to be responsibles is to make mistakes and learn from them, mainly commiting to change your habits and start working on it. The teachers are people who have a big impact in your life and people that you can take as an example, and be able to listen to their advices.
  4. Being responsible is a characteristic that seems really important to me, because it means that you can commit to something and that you won’t let someone down. Besides that, I thinks that it is a value that can be improved, so getting better at it shows someone’s desire to be a better person.
  5. The statement makes reference to the fact that we have to think about our action’s impact and if we would like someone doing the same thing  to us if we were  in that situation too. It is mainly related to empathy and putting in the other person’s shoes. A situation in which I used to think of this concept was when someone I knew was being left out from a plan that was being arranged with other friends. In those situations I used to think that if it were me I would not like being left out, so I acted to change the situation and try to include that friend.