Nervous System

2 components -> Central + Peripheral

Central-> The Brain and  spinal cord 

Peripheral-> Sensory neurons, ganglia and nerves that connect to one another + the central nervous system.
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Sensory: Sensory neurons carry signals from the outer parts of your body (periphery) into the central nervous system. An example is Smell: Olfactory sensory neurons are excited by chemical molecules.


Relay: (Only found in the brain, visual system and spinal cord) They allow sensory and motor neurons to communicate, receiving a signal from one neuron to then transfer to another interneuron, resulting in the signal being passed to a motor neuron, which drives the reaction to the stimulus. 


Motor: Part of the central nervous system (CNS) and connect to muscles, glands and organs throughout the body. transmit impulses from the spinal cord to skeletal and smooth muscles, and so directly control all of our muscle movements.


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Frontal lobe:

    • Personality, behavior, emotions.
    • Judgment, planning, problem solving. 
    • Speaking/writing (Broca’s area) 


  • Body movement (motor strip).


  • Intelligence, concentration, self awareness.

Parietal lobe:

  • Interprets language, words.
  • Sense of touch, pain, temperature (sensory strip). 
  • Interprets signals from vision, hearing, motor, sensory and memory.
  • Spatial and visual perception.

Occipital lobe:

  • Interprets vision (color, light, movement).

Temporal lobe:

  • Understanding language (Wernicke’s area).
  • Memory.
  • Hearing. 
  • Sequencing and organization.

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Voluntary Actions:

  • something you choose to do.
  • Controlled actions.
  • Will.

Involuntary Actions:

  • Something you didn’t mean to do.
  • Actions you can’t control.
  • Comes naturally, we don’t think it through.
  • Unconscious.
  • Brain isn’t involved. 
  • Pupil reflexes.

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