Essay on Bullying

Bullying causes depression. Do you agree?

Nowadays, bullying is becoming a major problem worldwide, affecting a larger range of teenagers every day. Its effects are turning into a main subject of discussion, and among them there is depression, which in what I am concerned, it definitely is a primary consequence of bullying.

To begin with, it has been proved that bullying has an enormous impact in an individual’s self esteem. Bullying victims suffer from huge teasing mainly due to their physical conditions, which results in victims questioning their own bodies and comparing with others. Moreover, they start asking themselves why is it that they are not accepted or fit in, this forcing them to blame themselves and hating their whole self. This creates a constant auto-bullying within the victims, who torture themselves for what they are, as well as a big insecurity issue.

Furthermore, trust issues are also a huge impact of bullying indeed. Not only because of what the problem they are, but also due to the chain reaction they provoque in the victim’s lives. Trust issues are not just a lack of confidence in the victim’s own abilities and their self esteem, they also, and more importantly, imply a lack of trust with other people, which affects their social life, and how they manage to relate with others. Depression is deeply connected with this issue due to the chainreaction mentioned before. These trust issues that are created by the bullie, cause a deterioration of the victim’s social manners, which forced them to push away anyone who tries to approach them. This isolation is what makes depression more and more severe with the pass of time, caused by a solitary view of the world of the victim, who given to the trust issues ends up being alone and depressed.

Despite the fact that I do not share this view, it is said that although depression is somehow related to bullying, that there are no actual scientific studies as regards this problem. It is true that many people who suffer from this intimidation called bullying can get over it and put a barrier as to not be affected by the insults, but I believe that this is definitely not a the majority of the cases. It is also argued that teenagers can not suffer from depression, due to their young age, but in my opinion, there is no age for this type of problems, and mainly this one, who mostly strikes teens, who are the most vulnerable sector of society as regards to this subject.

To sum up, I believe that there are many factors and effects that bullying leaves, that take to depression in it’s victims. Trust issues and low self esteem are some of the consequences that indirectly lead to a harsh depression within victims. So, all in all, I believe that depression can absolutely be caused by bullying.

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