Casa de Gobierno CABA – Arquitecto

Esta es la presentacion que Tomas Galmarini, Renata Marty, Agustin Monguzzi y yo hicimos sobre el arquitecto, Norman Foster, para tener mas conocimiento a la hora de tener la salida educativa.

Respecto a los roles en el equipo, los dividimos de la siguiente forma;

Agustin –  Comunicador

Renata – Facilitadora

Valentina – Coordinadora

Tomas – Soporte

Todos llevamos a cabo distintas tareas y pusimos en común la información encontrada.


Because I Could Not Stop For Death

With Mora Petrella and Azul Sequeira

Task 1

Emily Dickinson was born the 10th of December of 1830 in Amherst, Massachusetts. She was an excellent student, and attended to Amherst Academy, which had been founded by her grandfather years before.  In 1848 she dropped school for unknown reasons, although it is said that her father pulled her out because of her vulnerable emotional condition. She discovered the art of poetry thanks to a poetry book of Ralph Waldo Emerson, that a family friend sent her as a gift. All throughout her life, she wrote in secret, hiding from her family, and it wasn’t till her death when her sister found her poems.

As for her family and friends, her closest one was Susan Gilbert, who later on married Emily’s brother. She did not have many friends as she spend most of her life isolated in her house, since the moment she left school. In 1882 her mother passed away and Emily and her sister, Lavinia, continued living together, without any of them getting married in their lives.

What people found weird about her was that she never joined a particular church, which was not common in those times, and showed how she went against the rules and system.


Task 2

The American Realism movement began in the mid 18th century and it extended up to the 20th century.

Characteristics :

  • Omniscient Narrator, meaning that the narrator is some kind of superhero and he knows everything about everyone.
  • Characters. Realist writers are really into describing, analyzing and dramatizing personality. They went deep into their character’s ‘ psychologies and dig into their motivations, actions, and emotions.
  • The novel is the one genre that is most associated with the rise of Realism as a movement. There are a lot of novels Anna Karenina, Madame Bovary, Middlemarch, The Brothers Karamazov and so on.
  • Realist writers are all about criticizing the social and political conditions of the worlds that they write about. They also talk about social and economics inequalities.
  • Detail. Each realistic writer used this technique of applying a lot of detail in every piece of writing.


Task 4

In “Because I could not stop for death” The voice speaks in first person. A woman relates her close encounter with death and inmortality by portraying a metaphoric carriage which drags her far from life. She seems to have accepted her departure by describing how she has already given up all her life to drive along with death.

 In this piece of writing, she addresses death by personifying it, describing it as a “he”, which whom she seems to have a close relationship with. ‍‍


Task 5


Stanza 1: During this paragraph, she applies a pleasant tone in which she welcomes death by saying how he/it “kindly stops for her”. The author seems to be comfortable with what awaits her.


Stanza 2: The author is now describing how she is willing to go in the symbolic carriage along with death. She has settled down and accepted her destiny.