Osmosis and Animal Cells

Our base group, Fermin, Lucia and I were given the task of making a play and a drawing.

Narrator: One day , Oliver got to Zelma’s house and knocked the door.
Oliver: Zelmaa! Can you come outside so that we can talk about what happened?
Zelma: I would love to, but I can not get through this door, only molecules of your type can.
Oliver: I know I can offer you so much. What you are missing, I will complement it. I am feeling a really big ataction and I can’t take it anymore, I think I am getting in.
Zelma: Allright
Oliver: Goingggggg
Narrator: So, Oliver went through the door and some of hia friends followed him.
Zelma: My house isn’t that big, we are too many molecules!
Oliver: Oh noo!
Zelma: The house is becoming bigger and bigger, the walls can’t take it anymore!
Narrator: So, suddenly the house bursted, it exploded.

Process: We found the assignment really difficult at first, because we couldn’t think of a way to explain ósmosis through a play. Then, we realised that it would be easier for the class to unserstand the topic if we explained it in a way in which there were names for molecules and a metaphor for the cell. It was easier to do the project once we chose the roles of the group:

Coordinator: Valentina

Facilitator: Fermin

Supporter: Lucia


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