Monologue ‘The Stoat’

After reading ‘The Stoat’ by John McGahern, Vero asked us to write a monologue from the father’s  or his son’s point of view.  This is mine;

The death of my wife was something that has marked me for life, it was a really hard period of my life from which I haven’t been able to move on, and I think I will never will. Losing someone is really devastating and is something that will interfere in you future relationships. Last month, I met Miss McCabe, a teacher in her forties. I really liked her, and, from all the women I had interviewed, she was the most accurate for what I was looking for, company and a wife that could be approved by my son. We planned to spend our summer holidays together in StrandHill and if possible, become engaged before classes started. She would stay in a hotel near the cottage and, while my son studied or played golf, we would have fun and go out together. Once she and my son met, I was relieved when he gave her his approval, and she was too. I took her back to the hotel, and the next morning I was overwhelmed by the news that she had had a heart attack, I could not believe that this was happening to me. I had already lost a woman in my life, and I could not take the risk of losing another one, not again. I had no other choice than abandoning her, I could not marry an unhealthy woman that could leave from my life at any minute. When I decided this, my son told me he wanted to stay with my brother, this was like a stab in my heart, but if he wanted to do so, then I should respect his decision, just like he had respected mine.