Rubric – Biology projects

After listening to all the presentations about biomolecules, following this kind of rubric we had to assess each group. Here are my assesments 🙂

Group 1 (Sofia L) 3 + 4 + 3 + 3 + 4 + 4 + 4 = 25

Group 2 (Lucia H) 2 + 3 + 4 + 3 + 4 + 4 + 3 = 23

Group 3 was our group so we didn’t make a self-evaluation

Group 4 (Tomas) 2 + 4 + 3 + 4 + 4 + 3 + 4 = 24

Group 5 (Lucia D)  4 + 3 + 2 + 3 + 4 + 4 + 4 = 24

Group 6 (Agustin) 2 + 4 + 4 + 3 + 4 + 4 + 4 = 25

Group 7 (Fermin) 3 + 4 + 3 + 4 + 4 + 4 + 3 + 3 = 22


Essay on Journey

After reading Journey, our literature teacher asked us to write an essay about it.

Essay question: How is the theme of land presented in ‘Journey’ ?

Journey deals with the Maori culture and the clash between this culture and the european one, which is pretty related with the value each of them gives to the land. This theme is presented in many ways through this story.

On the one hand, the theme of land is shown from the Maori’s point of view. The people who belong to this culture see land as a bond between them, nature and family. Land is seen as an important symbol of the Maori culture. In this quote, “What has been ours since before we were born” , we can see the importance that the Maoris give to their ancestors and what they leave behind, for them land, is somehow the representation of the ones, who have already left the world, in the present. So, that land carries more emotional and cultural importance than a monetary one, as we can see in this quote “there is no land equal”, as each piece of land has its own emocional charge, so they can not be replaced, they are unique, money doesn’t replace feelings or cultural aspects.

On the other hand, for the Europeans, the land doesn’t have that cultural and emotional value, but a monetary one. Land is presented, from their point of view, as a meaningless thing which has nothing to do with emotional matters. Here, “You would all receive equivalent sites”, we can notice how difficult it is for Europeans to understand how the Maori’s see the land.

Furthermore, land is presented as part of a process, which is another theme of this short story. In the story the protagonist, during his journey, talks a lot about how the landscapes and land keep changing year by year. Progress is the justification the Europeans use for the appropriation of land, like the land the protagonist is being taken by the young man who is probably a government agent. The protagonist accepts during his trip that people must have houses, so that his land can be used for that, but as a part of the New Zealand’s progress, his land, according to the young man must be used for a parking lot. “You see, there is more development than houses”, this shows how land is still a monetary thing, and also how the progress leads to the protagonist having no word on what to do with his land.

All in all, Patricia Grace portrays land as a main theme of this story as it is really connected with all the other themes and the messages she wants us, the readers, to infer. Besides that, this theme is used to help us see the reality in which the Maori’s live in.

Temas Para la Entrevista

Luego de votar que proyecto llevar a cabo para la capsula del tiempo, que fue la entrevista, tuvimos que pensar algunos temas para discutir en ella. Estos son los temas que pensé;


Esta categoría seria una de las mas relacionadas con la materia, y constaría en hablar de los libros preferidos de cada uno, el ultimo leído y genero preferido.


Para aquellos que no les gusta leer, podrían hablar de las series que ven, sus preferidas y que tipos les gustan.


Esta categoría es mas que nada para comparar las aplicaciones del momento y las del futuro. Constaría en hablar del top 10 de aplicaciones que mas usamos y nos gustan, y las redes sociales, cuales son las que mas usamos y para que se usa cada una, como nos facilitan la vida.

Medios de comunicación

Vendría unido a la categoría de aplicaciones ya que nuestros medios de comunicación son básicamente aplicaciones, con la excepción del teléfono.

Grupos de amigos

Esta categoría es muy importante ya que los amigos van cambiando con el paso del tiempo, entonces es bueno recordar nuestras amistades de ahora. Podríamos decir quienes son y de donde los conocemos, y ademas, que actividades compartimos con ellos.

Tipos de habla

Acá hablaríamos de las muletillas que mas usamos en estos tiempos, así como las frases mas comunes. Por ejemplo; tipo, eee messsi, etc.

Miedos e inseguridades

Acá hablaríamos de nuestros miedos e inseguridades, cuales son y porque existen. Esta categoría esta buena ya que en el futuro podríamos ver si superamos nuestros miedos y cuales son los nuevos.

Monologue ‘The Stoat’

After reading ‘The Stoat’ by John McGahern, Vero asked us to write a monologue from the father’s  or his son’s point of view.  This is mine;

The death of my wife was something that has marked me for life, it was a really hard period of my life from which I haven’t been able to move on, and I think I will never will. Losing someone is really devastating and is something that will interfere in you future relationships. Last month, I met Miss McCabe, a teacher in her forties. I really liked her, and, from all the women I had interviewed, she was the most accurate for what I was looking for, company and a wife that could be approved by my son. We planned to spend our summer holidays together in StrandHill and if possible, become engaged before classes started. She would stay in a hotel near the cottage and, while my son studied or played golf, we would have fun and go out together. Once she and my son met, I was relieved when he gave her his approval, and she was too. I took her back to the hotel, and the next morning I was overwhelmed by the news that she had had a heart attack, I could not believe that this was happening to me. I had already lost a woman in my life, and I could not take the risk of losing another one, not again. I had no other choice than abandoning her, I could not marry an unhealthy woman that could leave from my life at any minute. When I decided this, my son told me he wanted to stay with my brother, this was like a stab in my heart, but if he wanted to do so, then I should respect his decision, just like he had respected mine.

Dumb Martian Activities

In groups we had to do the activities in Pilar’s blog about Dumb Martian. I worked with Sofia and Renata.

Report the following quotes from Dumb Martian.
Say who said what?

“She doesn’t say anything, and she’s stupid.”
Duncan complained of her not saying anything and being stupid.
“Martians aren’t intelligent”
Duncan said that Martians weren’t intelligent
“You’ve never lived here, have you?”
The Agent asked if he had ever lived there
“Put on your space suit.”
Duncan ordered Lellie to put on her space suit
“No, I’ve never enjoyed reading very much.”
Duncan admitted not enjoying reading very much.

1- After analysing the story find an equivalent to Lellie in our days.
2-Do you know about any unfair treatment of women that takes place in our times? Give examples.
3- Design a leaflet with a motion that defends gender equality. The leaflet should leave a positive teaching and it cannot contain any form of discrimination. It should have an attractive design.

1- An equivalent of Lellie in our days would be all women in Saudi Arabia because even though they have recently been given the right to drive, they still have many restrictions.

2- Yes, an example of unfair treatment of women that takes place in our times is the women of the Islam that do not have the complete freedom that they should have, also they aren’t respected as they deserve.




Gender equality is a human fight, not a female one. by vpernarcic