Questions on ‘There Will Come Soft Rains’ and ‘Nosedive’

Veronica gave us the task of answering the questions she posted in her blog, after seeing ‘Nosedive’ and reading ‘there Will Come Soft Rains’. I’ve worked with Marina Castagnino and Azul Sequeira

  1. Nosedive is set in Port Mary and in the future, and we can realize this because of all the advanced technology that appears in the chapter.
  2. The short story takes place in the year 2026 the 6 of August.
  3. In ‘Nosedive’ Lacie is a superficial character whose life depends on technology, she actually lives for technology and her life is based on it, because at the end of the episode, she instinctively rises her hand as if she was holding her phone to rate the person in front of her. In ‘There Will Come Soft Rains’, we can also see how technology had dominated the human race, before their death. In the story, Technology made things for humans and controlled their lives, like in ‘Nosedive’, where technology established someone’s social status, friends and possessions. “Nine-fifteen, sang the clock”, here we can see how a clock is personified by saying that it sings. Another personification we can find in the story is how the house is personified all throughout the story, for example in the following quote “the house began to die.”. Finally, in this quote “But the fire was clever”, in which the fire that was started in the house is described and personified as ‘clever’. The fact that technology and the house are personified may be suggesting that technology is becoming more and more similar to humans. Personification is when an object is attributed human actions, so the question that the author may be asking is, to what extent is technology a thing and not a living thing?
  4. Both, the episode and the story, are warning us about how technology is dangerous in many ways. One of these ways may be related to the fact that technology may destroy us, because it may dominate us. And the other way, is that technology may turn our society into a superficial one, a society in which people judge you by how look in your social media and not in real life.
  5. We think that the future that the story presents is more likeable to happen because with the passage of time, we are getting more and more things done by technology, like in factories where employees are being replaced by machines, or phones that are making our life easier day after day. So, at the end, we are going to have houses like the one in the story and we will end up destroying ourselves.

La Odisea de Odiseo

En clase junto con Bautista y Gonzalo tuvimos que hacer un resumen y un dibujo sobre La Isla del Sol en la Odisea.

Isla del Sol

El capítulo empieza con Ulises diciéndole a sus compañeros que no maten a ninguna vaca ni a ninguna oveja en la isla del sol porque Circe le había advertido que si lo hacían, los Dioses los castigarían dándoles muerte. Les dijo que en vez, coman en paz la comida que les había dado Circe y los hombres aceptaron. Pero, al llegar a la isla, Ulises se aleja de sus hombres, para suplicarle a los dioses que le muestren el camino, y estos le otorgan el don del sueño. Mientras tanto, los compañeros de Ulises matan a las vacas y ovejas que le pertenecían al sol, porque decían que preferían morirse por la furia de un dios, antes que de hambre. También decidieron que, al llegar a Ítaca, le ofrecerían ofrendas al sol, por si se enojaba. Pero, al irse de la isla en la nave, Zeus no dudó en destruirla con un rayo, porque el Sol se lo había pedido. Como resultado, murieron todos los hombres menos Ulises, porque él no había participado en la matanza.