Dialogue between Patsy and Alton

After reading and analysing ‘The Escape’ by Millie Murray, Pilar told us to create a dialogue between the 2 main characters of the story, Patsy and Alton, and create some kind of comic based on that dialogue. I have worked with Sofia Luchter, hope you like it!

Just in case!

Alton: Who told yu dat yu could go to Jamaica? Did me give yu permission?
Patsy: I do nar need permission fi do anything. Me can make my own decisions, and more than anything the ones related with my mother.
Alton: How do yu dare fi talk fi me like dat? I deserve respect! How did yu dare fi abandon me and the pickney?
Patsy: Alton, me deserve respect too! and me nar abandon yu and the pickney, Me just wanted to visit my dying mother in her last days. Yu are being really unfair, me not sure if I want fi remain by your side anymore, do you?
Alton: Yu are my possession, so me will decide when fi let yu go, and dat moment is not now…
Patsy: I am a free woman, and I loved yu, but yu have changed, and I nar want yu near the pickney, so I am taking them wid me.
Alton: Yu can not do dat, yu know the law is in my side, yu are a woman and me own yu. If yu try fi take them from me, yu will never see them again.
Patsy: Yu wouldn’t do dat, yu love me, right? Or were yu unfaithful to me while me was gone? The pickney told me they heard someone climbing up the stairs and dat the following morning yu were happier than ever.
Alton: Are yu accusing me of cheating on yu Patsy?
Patsy: I nar know, yu tell me, there are two options, are the kids lying to me? Or are yu?
Alton: Patsy, I am sorry for not being the man yu deserve. I have made a mistake and I would really like to make it up to yu and the pickney. If yu still love me, would yu please forgive me?
Patsy: I am sorry, but I can not give yu an answer right now, I will need some time to tink about dis, Alton.
Alton: No, Patsy, no, I am not gonna give yu time. Or yu give me an answer now, or yu know what will happen.
Patsy: Dis is just what I meant when I said dat yu had changed. I nar want to remain with a man that is bullying me constantly, so my answer is no, I do not forgive yu Alton.

Letter From Catherine To Eddie – A View From The Bridge

After discussing A View From The Bridge’s characters, we were asked by the teacher to write a letter from a character to another. Nina & I have chosen to write one from Catherine to Eddie.

Dear Eddie,

I’m writing to tell you everything I can’t say to your face. Please do not take this the wrong way, please don’t get mad.

I’m going to be straightfoward to you here; i’m in love with Rodolpho.

Rodolpho, he loves me back, if not as much, as more. He is a gentleman and a loving man beyond compare to any man I have any encountered in my life. He loves me for my mind, soul and who am I as a person, and not my body. He is a complete man, he pleases me and cares about me like no other. I love him.

So, Eddie, he is not after the papers, he’s after me. Please back off, we just want a quiet normal life. We want no trouble, so please do not call it on us. I know you still want to have an influence in my life, but I’m not a kid anymore, I’m a free agent.

You have to understand I’m more than just your niece, I’m more than just a kid, I’m an adult now, a woman, you have no say in my life, wther you can accept it or not.



Variation and Selection

«Working in pairs, you watch the videos on the entry and take notes, brainstorming, using bullet points, etc…, to answer:» I have worked with Nina Fischer

What did I learn today? Question it.

I have learnt that variation is the differences between the organisims from the same species, intraspecific, or between different species, intervariation.  The causes of variation may be by genetic, like meiosis, mutation or fusion of gametes, or environmental, which affects how genes are expressed, influence. When living organisms reproduce themselves, their offspring are not the exact copy of them, they are different from their parents and from the other offsprings. Each offspring gets a different combination of genes from their parents and thats why they end up being all different.

The variations that make an animal or plant more likely to survive in an environment are called adaption. Adaption makes the organism succesful, which means he is able to survive and pass on those characteristic that helped him survive in that environment.

Mind map

Link it to other subjects.

History, because we could think about how did we end up being who we are now, and thats our history.


Video 1

Video 2

Questions 4 and 5

4 i) That there are more people with free earlobes than people with attached earlobe, according to the gender, the number vary in that sense.

ii) 8

iii) That still, not all of us have attached earlobe because not all our parents had that characteristic, so it wasn’t passed on to many of us. The people that have an attached earlobe will pass it on to the following generation and with time, evolution will ocurr.

5a)  A special leg to be able so that it’s easier to stand on trees. Feathers, to be able to fly and protect themselves from cold times. Beak, to be able to get insects in the ground, having a large span of beack to reach them.

b) There are many birds and according to their body size, the wings will always be different.

c i) As we can see in the table it says that birds with a wing lenght of 66-67 mm survived  346 and 349 days, while the other ones did not even get to 300.


d) Because the ones more likely to survive are those birds, so they are the ones that will be able to reproduce passing on their characteristics, while the other ones will not have that big chance to survive , as well as the chance to reproduce and pass on their characteristics.



Edificios que bordean la Plaza de Mayo

Hoy en formacion etica y ciudadana, la profesora nos pidio investigar que edificios se encuentran alrededor de la plaza de mayo, esto fue los que Azul, Violeta, Bautista y yo encontramos.

¿Qué edificios del Poder Publico se encuentran en torno a la plaza de mayo, en la ciudad de Buenos Aires?

Bordeando la plaza de mayo podemos encontrar los siguientes edificios historicos tales como el cabildo, la catedral metropolitana, la casa rosada, el palacio del gobierno de la ciudad y varios bancos y ministerios.

Por otro lado, en el centro de la plaza de Mayo esta la pirámide de mayo, y sobre la avenida de mayo se conecta la casa rosada con el congreso nacional.