Conditionals and Benjamin Button

For homework, we were asked by our language teacher to watch a fragment of the movie «The Curious Case Of Benjamin Button» which is full of examples for the third conditional.

After watching the video we had to answer the 2 tasks that Pilar put on her blog for us to do them.

Task 1

It may sound strange the fact that ‘If’ just appears just twice in the video. It appears in the second conditional sentence and then the narrator uses that ‘if’ for all the following  sentences, the ones he conects with ‘or’.

Some of the conditional sentences I could identify were:

If only one thing would have happened diferently

If that shoelace hadn’t broken, or that delivery truck had moved moments earlier, or that man would have got up 5 minutes earlier, or that taxi driver wouldn’t have stopped for a cup of coffee or if that woman had remembered her coat.

Task 2