Seed Germination- Growing Lentils

On July 5th we prepared a flask with cotton , a piece of paper and 4 seeds. They had been soacked in water the previous night. We worked in pairs, studying variables (temperature, water, sunlight, covered and uncovered flasks)

I worked with Azul and Nina and the variable we studied was water.

Here you can take a look on my germinated seeds on day 11

This is the table of results I have been completing day by day sbout the germination of my seeds.

My seed had all the variables, which is not the case of Azul, a member of the group, who studied the growth of her seed without water. I watered my plant everyday when needed and I realized that if the cotton was still wet, I should not water it yet. On the weekends, my seed was not watered but luckily the cotton kept my seed wet for those days.

The 75% of my seeds germinated. (3/4)

Seeds without water | results

None of the seeds grew (0%)  and instead they went black. They were dry and harsh.

Azul provided the seed sun, good temperature, oxygen, and an uncovered flask)

Conclusion: After comparing the results that my partner who did not water the seed and my results, I got to the conclusion that seeds without water can not germinate and can not get out of their dormancy, they stay dormant all the time. A seed needs water to grow, and that is obligatory.