The moving finger!

After reading The moving finger we had the following task, I have worked with Mora .

Here you can read the story !

a) Chapter 3 summary:
Grancy talks about his wife and how he needs women, which explains why he had more than one wife. He goes on talking about Mrs. Grancy’s painting, about how the beauty of his wife was caught by Claydon, and he really appreciated that, but that appreciation had turn into hate with her death. He asks Claydon to make a new painting in which it would age with him.

b) Chapter 4 summary:
In this chapter, Mr. Grancy is really ill and the painting is show as “the only thing keeping him alive”. Now the painting is kept at Claydon’s studio. He decides to paint the portrait one more time without permission, this time, he does it in an uncanny way were the painting “knows” that Mr. Grancy is going to die.
2- Because after his second wife’s death, the painting started looking depressing and lonely for Grancy, so he made Claydon change it to look older during the years and “age” with him. “Don’t you see that I am lonely too?’ And all at once it came over me how she would have hated to be left behind!’’
3- Mr Grancy gets sick again and as the painting had predicted, he dies. After his death, the painting is left to Claydon as he loved it just like Grancy did, and at the end of the story he says ‘… Now she belongs to me’
4- We think that the title is a whole metaphor that gives an anticipation of the plot of the story. “Moving” refers to the passing of time and that when you fall you have to move on and keep going with your life. The other word that appears in the title is finger, why finger? Because YOU write your own story , you choose your own destiny. Another interpretation could be that ‘the moving finger’ is Mrs Grancy’s finger which is pointing at people telling them what to do.
5. Yes, his first wife was Mrs Grancy , then the young and second Mrs Grancy and his third wife was his second wife’s portrait.
‘’She?’ I repeated, perplexed for the moment.
«My wife.»’
(Talking about the painting)

6. The painting is uncanny in the story, because a thing that is supposed to be common, like a portrait of a woman, turns into a paranormal painting that ages.