The League Of Nations 1920s’

In history class, Lenny gave us a task which consisted in watching the video she uploaded to her blog and with the help of the second chapter of out history book, answer these questions on the League of Nations in pairs, I worked with Olivia Vidal.

1- The global aim was to achieve peace and the specific aims were the disarmament, to improve the living and working conditions, to reinforce the Treaty of Versailles, to encourage countries to cooperate in trade and business and to discourage agression.

2-Wilson wanted to join the League of nations but first the American Parliament had to accept it. As in the USA that idea wasn’t popular, his plans were really criticized.

3- As the League was a term of the Treaty Of Versailles which was really harsh on Germany and so as they HATED that treaty, they hated everything related to it, such as the keague of nations.

4- USA traded with almost every country in the world at that time, so they did not like the idea of stop a comertial relationship with a country just because of their agression.

5-Many of the American citizens were anti-empires as tehy felt a little threatened by them and they power.

7-Upper Silesia was an important region for Poland and Germany because at the end of the First World War Upper Silesia was one of the richest mineral and industrial areas of Europe.For example,Upper Silesian coalfields accounted for 21%,of German coal production.It was a 4,000 square miles of territory which had formerly been ruled by the German Empire thoughout modern history.At the end of the First World War both Germany and Poland laid claim to the area. It contained a mix of German and Polish population, so they were both ethnically mixed.

8- The league tried to persuade Poland to leave but they wouldn’t. Poland showed a lot of power in that situation.

9-The League decide that the Island should belong to Finland

10- Mussolini invade Greece because on 27 August,while they were surveying the Greek side of the frontier area,Tellini(an Italian general) and his team were ambushed and killed.The Italian leader Mussolini was fourious and blamed the Greek government for the murders.

11- The league was criticised because after the conflict all the other countries realized that even the weakest power could get its way out if she was backed up by France or Britain, as they were the most powerful countries in the league.

12- FIrst of all, if the protocol wasn’t signed cases such as Corfu’s problem would continue happening and they wouldn’t have a solid and quick solution. Secondly, the fact that Britain backed off, revealed the power and influence GB had over the whole League, because when she refused to sign the protocol many other countries did the same.



Vilnas’s conflict
Vilna was Lithuania’s capital, whose population was mainly polish. So because of this, Poland invaded Vilna. When this happened, Lithuania went to the league to ask for help but the Poles did not pull out. The league did nothing more as Britain and France weren’t prepared to act

Aaland islands conflict
In this conflict the countries involved were, Aaland Islands, Sweden and Finland. The problem was who should keep the islands either Finland or Sweden. To solve this conflict , they both went to the league who presented the solution of measuring the distance of each country with the island, the one who was closer would keep them. Finally, Finland kept them.

Corfu’s conflict
This conflict is one of the most complex ones. This conflict begins with a border dispute between Greece and Albania over Corfu. Italy sent his team there to define those borders, but one day they are killed while they are there and so Mussolini invades Corfu. Greece complaints to the league who states that Italy should leave Corfu and Greece should pay Italy for the murder of the Italian team. The money Greece had to pay would be kept by the league till the murderers were found although Mussolini managed to take the money before that.

Upper Silesia conflict
This was a conflict between Poland and Germany , as they were borders they were fighting for the region of Upper Silesia which had access to the sea. To solve this conflict the league offered a plebiscite to the inhabitants of Upper Silesia to say who should keep that region. Finally , Germany won in the urban part of Upper Silesia and Poland with the rural part.

Bulgaria’s conflict

This conflict begins with the murder of some Greek soldiers in the border of Bulgaria.  As a reaction, Greece invaded Bulgaria and so Bulgaria appealed to the League. To solve this conflict, the league made Greece pull out from Bulgaria and to pay compensations to them for invading them unfairly. This showed the double standard of the league in front of less powerful states and more powerful ones, such as Italy.

Conditionals and Benjamin Button

For homework, we were asked by our language teacher to watch a fragment of the movie «The Curious Case Of Benjamin Button» which is full of examples for the third conditional.

After watching the video we had to answer the 2 tasks that Pilar put on her blog for us to do them.

Task 1

It may sound strange the fact that ‘If’ just appears just twice in the video. It appears in the second conditional sentence and then the narrator uses that ‘if’ for all the following  sentences, the ones he conects with ‘or’.

Some of the conditional sentences I could identify were:

If only one thing would have happened diferently

If that shoelace hadn’t broken, or that delivery truck had moved moments earlier, or that man would have got up 5 minutes earlier, or that taxi driver wouldn’t have stopped for a cup of coffee or if that woman had remembered her coat.

Task 2



Linking Words

After watching my presentation on linking Words we had to look up the conectors in boy or invent them. I worked with Sofia Luchter and Azul Sequeira


I also love to cook.
In conclusion, walking is a cheap, safe, enjoyable and readily available form of exercise.
The rent is reasonable, and moreover, the location is perfect.
I got another job.


As a result of my car being broken I had to go on foot.
I was fired due to being late all the time.
She had previous experience, therefore she seemed the best candidate.
As a consequence of high blood pressure, I am feeling bad.


He is, indeed, a hard worker.
She is obviously very tired after working so much.
I generally don’t like playing sports, but I love playing hockey.
I especially don’t like food that is not organic.


I don’t like vegetables, for example, carrots.
I hate fruits, including tomatoes.
I love almost all the ice cream flavors, such as vanilla, chocolate, etc.
For instance, running in the halls is a safety violation at school.


Roald like the candies and his friends too.
Furthermore, it can help you to cook.
Roald is just us his dad.
Trees give us fruits as well as shade.


Roald is similar to his dad.
Why don’t you two get together and compare your exams
My height is the same as Nina’s.
This is written similarly to Pablo’s style


I didn’t go to school because of my broken rib.
I love you as a friend.
I haven’t danced since 2010.
I haven’t gone to school for 2 months


I like dancing although I am bad at it
I was cooking while Sofi was sleeping.
I love singing but on the other hand I don’t like it.
I like playing football however I am terrible at it.

One Art by Elizabeth Bishop

What do you think the poet means by “the art of losing” and how serious is she about this idea?

We think that by «the art of loosing» she means loosing something and be able to move on from it. She starts with silly things to more complex subjects and so as the poem progresses she gets more serious.

How important is the poem’s form to your reading of it?

It affects you differently depending on who or what you have lost. It affects you differently the fact that Elizabeth Bishop starts talking about less severe things to loose and then she moves to more important ones, as a continent or even a person, this structure shows that one can get over loosing whatever they loose.

What effect does the refrain have upon your understanding of the poem’s tone? How does the meaning of this single line change throughout the piece?

The refrain is «The art of loosing isn’t hard to master», it means that it is not difficult to loose

What are we actually meant to believe about the poet’s reaction to her losses?

That, no matter what we lose, it’s size, shape, significance, we have to get over it, because we need to keep on with life. Because we all lose something, we all remember that one thing that makes us sad every time we remember, and think to ourselves that we should have kept it more safe. So, we have to get over the losses, getting through it and striving through the situation like a champion, in a a way we end up as the bigger person.

How honest is the poet with herself? With her readers?

The writer, Elizabeth Bishop, in our belief, isn’t being completely honest with herself, she is telling herself that it is easier to get over over someone, while it sound that she is trying to convince herself more that us, readers. At the end, she can’t keep on lying to herself, she decides to admit, and says that, indeed, losing something or someone, is hard.

The poem follows a villanelle structure , here you can see how those structures are!

Seed Germination- Growing Lentils

On July 5th we prepared a flask with cotton , a piece of paper and 4 seeds. They had been soacked in water the previous night. We worked in pairs, studying variables (temperature, water, sunlight, covered and uncovered flasks)

I worked with Azul and Nina and the variable we studied was water.

Here you can take a look on my germinated seeds on day 11

This is the table of results I have been completing day by day sbout the germination of my seeds.

My seed had all the variables, which is not the case of Azul, a member of the group, who studied the growth of her seed without water. I watered my plant everyday when needed and I realized that if the cotton was still wet, I should not water it yet. On the weekends, my seed was not watered but luckily the cotton kept my seed wet for those days.

The 75% of my seeds germinated. (3/4)

Seeds without water | results

None of the seeds grew (0%)  and instead they went black. They were dry and harsh.

Azul provided the seed sun, good temperature, oxygen, and an uncovered flask)

Conclusion: After comparing the results that my partner who did not water the seed and my results, I got to the conclusion that seeds without water can not germinate and can not get out of their dormancy, they stay dormant all the time. A seed needs water to grow, and that is obligatory.







The moving finger!

After reading The moving finger we had the following task, I have worked with Mora .

Here you can read the story !

a) Chapter 3 summary:
Grancy talks about his wife and how he needs women, which explains why he had more than one wife. He goes on talking about Mrs. Grancy’s painting, about how the beauty of his wife was caught by Claydon, and he really appreciated that, but that appreciation had turn into hate with her death. He asks Claydon to make a new painting in which it would age with him.

b) Chapter 4 summary:
In this chapter, Mr. Grancy is really ill and the painting is show as “the only thing keeping him alive”. Now the painting is kept at Claydon’s studio. He decides to paint the portrait one more time without permission, this time, he does it in an uncanny way were the painting “knows” that Mr. Grancy is going to die.
2- Because after his second wife’s death, the painting started looking depressing and lonely for Grancy, so he made Claydon change it to look older during the years and “age” with him. “Don’t you see that I am lonely too?’ And all at once it came over me how she would have hated to be left behind!’’
3- Mr Grancy gets sick again and as the painting had predicted, he dies. After his death, the painting is left to Claydon as he loved it just like Grancy did, and at the end of the story he says ‘… Now she belongs to me’
4- We think that the title is a whole metaphor that gives an anticipation of the plot of the story. “Moving” refers to the passing of time and that when you fall you have to move on and keep going with your life. The other word that appears in the title is finger, why finger? Because YOU write your own story , you choose your own destiny. Another interpretation could be that ‘the moving finger’ is Mrs Grancy’s finger which is pointing at people telling them what to do.
5. Yes, his first wife was Mrs Grancy , then the young and second Mrs Grancy and his third wife was his second wife’s portrait.
‘’She?’ I repeated, perplexed for the moment.
«My wife.»’
(Talking about the painting)

6. The painting is uncanny in the story, because a thing that is supposed to be common, like a portrait of a woman, turns into a paranormal painting that ages.