Paris Peace Conference &a The Treaty Of Versailles

Our History teacher, Lenny, gave us the task of watching a video on Paris Peace Conference and the treaty of Versailles and then create a glossary on the following words with their apropiate definitions.
Idealistic: Someone that has an open mind full of ideas that are out of the common.
War guilt: It means the one that cause the war, that is guilty for the consequences after it.
Self-Determination: To be able to rule yourself and not to be a colony
Territory: The land you have in your power, in this context, territory meant colonies and more power.
Reparations: The damages caused by the war that need to be repaired or replaced, such as money, gold or animals.
Disarmament: The fact of taking away all the arms, warships, soldiers or other stuff related to war and violence, things that can cause damage.
Scaffold of an army: Like the structure, used to describe the German army.

Then, we had to listen to the voicethreds Senior 2 created last year on this same topic, explaining Paris Peace Conference throughout a recorded conversation. After listening to them all, we had to choose the one we liked better.
I have chosen Anouk’s, Abril’s and Juan’s voicethread.
What I liked  the most was that it was full of historical content which was really detailed and well explained. One example are the 14 points that Wilson proposed, they described them and explained them in a way which was really useful, as they used simple words with the ones they created a summary of each point. Apart from telling us which were the 14 points, they included the complains or disagreements that each country had with some points.

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