Short term causes of WW1

Since we finished studying the long term causes of WW1, we started working on the short term causes, in pairs.  The task was to create a google doc answering some questions, and looking for the answers You can find all the task here.  Then we corrected the questions all together and create a presentation on the interactive board.

Then we were asked to make a lino explaining the short term causes of WW1 and their importance.
By Valentina, Nina and Mora

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  1. Hi Girls,
    I’m sending you feedback on the work you did in Lino. What I am giving feedback on is in black (taken from your Lino) and my corrections will appear in a different colour.

    1st Moroccan Crisis
    Germany was compensated with a piece of land in Morocco. Germany was compensated with land in Congo.

    Very good work overall. You made a very interesting analysis.

    9 (Nine)


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