Essay on the poem Mirror by Sylvia Plath.

In literature class, after reading the poem Mirror , we made, al together our first essay. This is the my version:

Discuss perssonification in the poem Mirror by Sylvia Plath.

In the poem ”Mirror” the lake and the mirror are personified to show what they can reflect.

To start with, the first stanza shows the personification of a mirror. The mirror shows how honest he is. ”I’m not cruel, only truthful”. This means that the mirror shows what he really sees, what he reflects. The mirror doesn’t hide things, he reveals what you really are. As some people don’t like their aspect, they get sad or in some cases, angry with the mirror because he showed how they truly were and not who they wanted to be.

To continue with, the lake, unlike the mirror, cannot reflect perfectly your rel aspect. ”In me she has drowened a young girl, and in me an old woman rises”. Here, the lake talks about ageing and how he can see the changes day after day, for example the wrinkles that appear with the pass of the time. It seems that women don’t like the idea of growing old, ” She rewards me with tears”. People want to stay young forever, but as that it’s not possible in general people hate that idea.

To sum up, personification is used to show what the mirror and lake can see, and what’s their point of view.