Diary Entry; My first days at secondary school!

Cata Perkins, teacher of practical skills, gave us the task of writing a diary entry on our first days at secondary school. Here it is!

15th of March 2017                                 Thursday 13:10 pm
I’m so nervous about secondary school!
Dear diary,
You may know, as I’ve told you before, that a few days ago I started secondary. I know its not such a big deal because I’m not changing to another school, but I feel it is.

I am very scared of all the subjects, which are like 12!! The fact of failing a subject makes me sooooo nervous ! It’s our third week and we are full of homework. Since we started school , I haven’t have almost any free time as I’m always doing homework for the next day. What complicates my time schedule is that on Mondays and Wednesdays I have hockey training in Pacheco since 5 o’clock and I arrive home at 10:15 pm, so I’m driving myself crazy!!!

I feel a lot of pressure of getting a very low mark and failing a subject, my parents would kill me and would tell me to leave hockey, because it takes me lot of time from studying!
See you in my next adventure,

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