Poem : Mirror by Sylvia Plath

Today in literature we analized a poem called ”Mirror”,  and together made this presentation using the interactive board.

Here it’s a presentation that Pat shared in her blog, that analizes the poem. 


Then we were asked to answer some questions about it. Here are my answers!

1- We all have mirrors and know how important  they are, because if not we couldn’t see ourselves perfectly. The fact that we all accept that mirrors ”tell” the truth, gets us closer to what the author wants to transmit to the reader.

2- To have two different points of view and talking about this poem, two different ways to see yourself. In the mirror you are refected just as you are, perfectly. But in the lake your figure is more abstract and curved, if you don’t like what you see you may touch the water and change your shape. Maybe a pimple is seen in the mirror, but clearly, not in a lake.

3- Women care more about their appearence than men, so the story wouldn’t have so much sense if it was the other way round. Women come and go from the mirror, we use makeup to cover or imperfections, but men just don’t care as much as we do.

4- I think she is 50 years old because maybe the woman that looks at herself in the lake is her, so she feels she is growing up and so she reflects her depression in the poem.

5- I don’t like the idea of aging, it’s scary. When you are an old person you can not do as many things as you could when you were young. You have lots of responsabilities and things to achieve, work and then kids, so different scheudles.

Writing assignment! 

Draw the an object. Write a poem giving your drawing human qualities with personification. Use at least two literary devices and highlight them. Your poem must be at least eight (8) lines long. It does not have to rhyme, but each line must be at least five words or more.


Unlike mirrors I am

I play hide and seek with the person who wears me

And hide what they really are

When they grow up, I grow up too

I know all about them, they take me everywhere they go

When they try me, a new person grows

They feel more confident when they use me

But they actually show how insecure they are of themselves

They can love themselves by who they really are

Or create a new person and change their features

But at the end it’s their choice!

(By Valentina and Sofia)





¿Como soy?

Hoy en la clase de legua, Carol nos pidió que escribamos una descripción sobre nosotros mismos, usando como guia una serie de preguntas que ella escribió en el pizarrón.

Me llamo Valentina Pernarcic, pero me dicen Valu. Soy muuuyy timida, por eso cada vez que me piden, por ejemplo,  pedir la cuenta en un restaurante llevo a mi hermana, Catalina, conmigo para que ella lo haga por mi.  Tengo dos hermanas, una de ellas se llama Camila, tiene 23 años por lo que es la mas grande, así que ya no la veo tanto a causa de su trabajo y la diferencia de edad. Mi otra hermana se llama Catalina, es la mas chica ya que tiene casi 11 años, siempre estamos juntas, así que el aburrimiento con ella no es algo habitual. Mi mama, Viviana, tiene una galería de arte y mi papa , Walter, es ingeniero con lo cual tiene una empresa que fabrica maquinas para la construcción.

No soy muy amplia con las comidas, me gustan las cosas básicas, como las pastas, que me tienen loca. No me gusta el pescado, así que por favor no pongan un plato con sushi delante de mis narices!

Me encantan los deportes, en especial el hockey. Después de años de lucha para convencer a mis papas de que me dejen jugar en un club, lo conseguí hace un año cuando me anotaron el la lista de espera del Club Champagnat. Recién hace una semana me dijeron que entre y hace 3 dias tuve mi primer entrenamiento.

En mi tiempo libre me encanta leer y escuchar música. Una autora que me fascina es María Inés Falconi,  leí muchos libros escritos por ella, pero el que mas me gusto fue Fin de Semana en el Paraiso. En las vacaciones me fui a la playa, donde mas me gusta leer, y me termine un libro llamado ‘‘Harmony House”, me provoco miedo con solo leerlo.  Últimamente escucho mucha música de Justin Bieber, como ”Sorry”. También amo la música alegre, que te motiva, como .


Notes: “Biologycal levels: The World Tour”

In biology class we watched a video and these are the notes I’ve taken.

They are many types of Biologycal levels. For example;

-Organ system
To get a higher level we need to put all the lower levels together. For example, we have cells that form a tissue, which forms an organ and that successively.
Now we are going to talk about smaller things, like biomolecules which are what cells are made of. A biomolecule is formed by atoms.

Paper Towns by John Green

Yesterday in Language class we were asked to write about our favourite book and the author of it. You can find the task in Pilar Pando’s blog.

Well, my favourite book as you can see in the title, is Paper Towns by John Green.  I really like it because whenever you start reading it you can’t stop and is perfectly written.

This story is about Quentin, a nonpopular boy, who likes Margo, a pretty and popular girl. One day she knocks his window and asks him to drive her to a list of places she wantsto go to do some weird but funny things. One day Margo dissapears and Quentin, who is in love with her, starts looking for any kind of clue that can help on finding Margo.

About John Green:

He was born in Indianapolis in 1977. During his childhood he moved to several places and because of college, outside of Birmingham, Alabama, which was used as inspiration for the setting of his book “Looking for Alaska”. He has spoken about being bullied.

Appart from being an author he is a vlogger. He has written many books and short stories and has won 6 prizes.

This is the cover of the book “Paper Towns”