Preparing a Test on Cells

In biology class, we were given this task: With the information you have in your books (Chapter 2 ) and these videos you will make an evaluation that will include 10 questions to which the answers are in all the sources given.

Cell test by Valen and Mora

  1. What are the cells?
  2.  Connect the parts of a cell with their definitions.

Cell membrane                                   cotrols everything that                                                                                                      happens in the cell and contains DNA

Chloroplasts                                       controls what goes in and out of the                                                                         cell

Nucleus                                                  contains chlorophyll

Cell wall                                                  used in protection and structure.                                                                                Composed of cellulose

3.  Find at least 2 differences between animal and plant cells.

4. Do animal cells have vacuoles?

5. How is the thing that surrounds the vacuole called?

6.  Put these biologycal levels in order:

_ Organ







_Organ system




7. Give 1 example of each biologycal level that is written in Bold.

8.  Which cell has cellulosse?

A- Animal cell

B- Plant cell

C- There is not a cell that contais cellulosse

9. Label at least 3 parts of this cell and write what type of cell is it.

10. When do cells become specialised?

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