Today at History class after watching a video about a man giving a TED talk about writting our story and changing history , Lenny gave us this task . So, I’ve chosen Shakira.

Shakira, is better known for her incredible voice but she is actually an example to follow. She uses her fame to spread a message of unity and helping others no matter their appeareance.

She founded »Pies Descalzos Foundation», which is a Colombian charity that provides special schools for children all around that country .Pies Descalzos could reach an agreement with the FC Barcelona foundation to include sports in education. Many people donated money to the foundation, which has made possible the contruction of seven schools through the past 12 years.

These schools were built in the poorest places, where there was no potable water or even electricity. Where children couldn’t have access to education, but after this project they could go to the university. These institutions, in the actuality, are located in Barranquilla, Cartagena and Quibdo.

»More than 10.000 children and 67.000  youths and adults benefited from our programs.» – Says in Pies Descalzos web page.

Shakira has travelled through many parts of the world helping children, and one of her most known trip was to Africa where she helped many kids with their education and nutrition.  She is always transmiting that peace message.




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  1. Great job, Valen!

    I really did not know all this about Shakira. Why does Shakira’s example appeal to you in particular?

    Congrats on a very well written piece. 🙂

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