Cómic del canto 3 de la Ilíada por Lucia, Mora y Valentina

Luego de leer el canto 3 de la Ilíada, Carol nos dio la consigna de hacer un cómic sobre un fragmento de ese canto.

«París arrojó antes que el otro su larga lanza y acertó en el escudo de Menelao. …. Menelao sacó la espada, pero cuando lo golpeó en la cimera del casco, se le cayó de la mano partida en cuatro pedazos. … Se lanzó sobre Paris, lo agarró por el casco y lo arrastró hacia los Aqueos; mientras aquel se ahogaba con la correa del casco. … Afrodita, que rompió la correa de cuero e hizo que el casco siguiera vacío detrás de la mano del Aqueo. … La diosa lo arrebató con gran facilidad … Helena se sentó frente a él» páginas 40 y 41 la Ilíada

Roald Dahl’s Biography

This is the task Pilar Pando has given us on the author Roald Dahl.

He was born on September 13 of 1916 in Llandaff, South Wales. When he was four years old his father died. He recieved a great education as his father wished and his mother offered him to pay for his tution in Oxford, but he didn’t accept it. He just went away, as far as possible and spent 7 years in Tanzania working for Shell Oil Company. Then in 1939 he joined the Royal Air Force.

He got married twice, with Patricia Neal, with the one who he had 5 children. One of his children, Neal, who died from several  brain hemorrhages. After he got divorced he married Felicity Ann Crosland and stayed with her unti his death.

While in Washington, D.C., Dahl met with author C.S. Forrester, who encouraged him to start writing. His most popular adult story is »Someone Like You». Then he started writing children stories, which were inspired on the stories that he told to his children when they went to bed. This was his key, as he realised what kids want and like.

The two most famous stories he wrote are Charlie and the chocolate factory and  Matilda. These stories were turned to pretty famous movies.

He died from an unspecified infection in November 23, 1990, at the age of 74, after a long life writing books and stories, that have get to thounsands and thousands of people.

Here there’s a quiz on Roald Dahl’s life we’ve made.

Click here to play the quiz


Diary Entry; Margot’s point of view

After reading the story ‘All Summer In A Day’, we were given the task of writting a diary entry as if we were Margot, describing how she felt after the bullying act. Here it is!

25th of March 2017                                                                Saturday 15:40 pm

 Still startled by the act of bullying I’ve suffered.

Dear diary,

             Today I’ve been bullied. I had been bothered before but not in such a serious way, this time they went too far. I’m really frightened and depressed by what they’ve done to me. I want to go back to the Earth right now.

             When the teacher left, my schoolmates locked my in a closet and left me there while they watched the sun coming out. I tried to be heard by the teacher with muffled cries and slammed the door to try to get out of that 4 walls that prevented me from watching the most precious thing in my life, which was driving me crazy.


Preparing a Test on Cells

In biology class, we were given this task: With the information you have in your books (Chapter 2 ) and these videos you will make an evaluation that will include 10 questions to which the answers are in all the sources given.

Cell test by Valen and Mora

  1. What are the cells?
  2.  Connect the parts of a cell with their definitions.

Cell membrane                                   cotrols everything that                                                                                                      happens in the cell and contains DNA

Chloroplasts                                       controls what goes in and out of the                                                                         cell

Nucleus                                                  contains chlorophyll

Cell wall                                                  used in protection and structure.                                                                                Composed of cellulose

3.  Find at least 2 differences between animal and plant cells.

4. Do animal cells have vacuoles?

5. How is the thing that surrounds the vacuole called?

6.  Put these biologycal levels in order:

_ Organ







_Organ system




7. Give 1 example of each biologycal level that is written in Bold.

8.  Which cell has cellulosse?

A- Animal cell

B- Plant cell

C- There is not a cell that contais cellulosse

9. Label at least 3 parts of this cell and write what type of cell is it.

10. When do cells become specialised?

Collaborative Essay

In literature, with Pat, we made a presentation in the interactive board about how to write an essay. Together we started writting one on the poem ‘Mirror’ by Sylvia Plath and each of us was asked to write a comment on the quotation »I’m not cruel, only truthful».

Comment on »I’m not cruel, only truthful»:
This means that the mirror shows what he really sees, what he reflects. The mirror doesn’t hide things, he reveals what you really are. As some people don’t like their aspect, they get sad or in some cases, angry with the mirror because he showed how they truly were and not who they wanted to be.

Lab Safety Rules!

In biology class Ceci told us to share a post with 3 lab safety rules and say why are they important for us.

1. If you break something, tell the teacher! Because if the glasses aren’t cleaned up , someone can get hurt.

2. Be careful when smelling things! Because they can be toxic or make you feel bad.

3. Girls should always have their hair tieded up! What if we are working with the Bunsen burner and your hair touches the fire? It would be a mess!


Today at History class after watching a video about a man giving a TED talk about writting our story and changing history , Lenny gave us this task . So, I’ve chosen Shakira.

Shakira, is better known for her incredible voice but she is actually an example to follow. She uses her fame to spread a message of unity and helping others no matter their appeareance.

She founded »Pies Descalzos Foundation», which is a Colombian charity that provides special schools for children all around that country .Pies Descalzos could reach an agreement with the FC Barcelona foundation to include sports in education. Many people donated money to the foundation, which has made possible the contruction of seven schools through the past 12 years.

These schools were built in the poorest places, where there was no potable water or even electricity. Where children couldn’t have access to education, but after this project they could go to the university. These institutions, in the actuality, are located in Barranquilla, Cartagena and Quibdo.

»More than 10.000 children and 67.000  youths and adults benefited from our programs.» – Says in Pies Descalzos web page.

Shakira has travelled through many parts of the world helping children, and one of her most known trip was to Africa where she helped many kids with their education and nutrition.  She is always transmiting that peace message.